LIVE MN – Pioli: “Ibra will not be the owner, Krunic-Maldini ballot. Leao? Now he is more aware of his qualities”

Welcome to Milanello readers of !!! We will soon follow Stefano Pioli’s press conference live in view of tomorrow’s Champions League match at Porto: you will be able to read all the statements of the Rossoneri coach thanks to our textual live. Stay with us !!!

Are you expecting a more technical or a more physical match tomorrow?

“Both things. We face a solid opponent, compact, with fast attacking players, a trained coach, a prepared team. It will be a match that will present difficulties typical of high-level matches.”

How did you prepare?

“We have studied Porto well, we have prepared our strategy, hoping it will bear fruit.”

Ibra owner?

“He is better, but on Saturday he played for 15 minutes. He will be able to increase the minutes, but I don’t think we have much more in our legs.”

How’s Bennacer doing?

“He’s fine, he’s back in good condition and he’s ready to play tomorrow.”

Can Krunic be the owner?

“Yes, he and Daniel Maldini are playing for the starting shirt. Rade has entered well against Verona. When there is an injury it takes a while to get back to 100%, but they need to be played. Rade is fine: he can play either from the beginning or to the game in progress “.

How do you see the clash between Pepe and Ibra?

“They are two temperamental players. For us it is important to have Ibra in good condition, then he is ready to face any opponent.”

Who is most afraid of Porto?

“It’s a complete team. If I have to name the name, I’ll do Diaz’s, he is to keep an eye on for us.”

What is missing to become great again?

“There is a long way to go back to greatness, but we are on the right path. There are still many steps to overcome, like tomorrow’s. The team wants to finally reach a positive result in the Champions League.”

What have you worked on to do better in the Champions League?

“We have to remain lucid and focused throughout the game. In the first two games we paid for the small details. We lost the first two games due to some inattention in the defensive phase.”

What impressed you the most about Leao?

“He is more aware of his qualities and is more into the game. He has great potential, he is doing very well but he can do even more.”

What relationship do you have with your players?

“Ours is a mutual work: I try to make them improve and give them everything. I try to prepare them in the best possible way, then it is they and their attitudes that make the difference. We must grow together”.

– Thus ends Pioli’s press conference before Porto.

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