Spalletti’s scream in Juric’s face, Orsato’s confession, Osimhen’s promise and the incredible scandal of the corner

Zero to Juric, the unbearable Juric, the unbearable Juric. Who wastes time, who gnaws tender fragments like a rodent grappling with leftovers and who also finds the audacity to complain. Juric wants to be moral, with Spalletti silencing him, first screaming in his face after Osimhen’s goal and then serving the plate of revenge with lucid elegance: ‘Now don’t you like that I keep the ball?’ shouts Luciano, a phrase that at that moment resounds in the gentlest ether of a Shakespearean sonnet. Come Oronzo Canà with Zico: “I want to see him on the ground”.

One the card (among the many not waved) that changes the game. The referee Sacchi warns the KK Commander in the 79th minute and he just doesn’t know. An anger that becomes boarding: Kalidou is the added attacker and duets with Ciro in the action that precedes Osimhen’s galactic pumpkin. Physicality, anger, technique in the delicate touch that closes the triangle with Mertens. Koulibaly can. Virtually everything.

Two wonderfully unpopular changes. Spalletti does like Clark Gable in ‘Gone with the Wind’ and Frankly he doesn’t care about the common sentiment and minds the substance, he aims at the result. He takes off Insigne and accepts the idea that he will not take it well, he does the same with Lozano who had entered just before. It shortens the distance between saying and doing, it does not get lost in speech which remains only dialectical dance. It acts, sacrificing any accessory loss for the purpose. I do ergo are: a Descartes less thinker and more pragmatic.

Three missed penalties for Insigne. Who is wrong because he thinks, not about the renewal, but about the two previously missed penalties. Fear is a vicious circle, a seed that takes root quickly and in any climatic condition. However, let us not abandon ourselves to the metaphilosophy of ‘mistake the rigor because it thinks about renewal’. Imagine the scene, with Lorenzo from the disk with pen in hand ‘What do I do, do I sign or do I not sign? Do I use the red pen or the black one? ‘ Let’s not hurt ourselves. At least, no more than we already like to do.

Four victories in a row for Juve who remain attached to the Champions train. The real news coming from the Stadium, however, is another: Orsato confesses that he does not know the rules. He does so by explaining to Cristante that “The advantage on a penalty is never given”. In fact, many already knew he was suspected when they saw him pardon Pjanic at San Siro on Rafinha. Everything returns: a circle has finally closed.

Five consecutive races as a starter in the championship and no trace of a mistake that is one. Rrahmani is of a rare cleanliness, which in comparison the ‘Candy’ of Profession Holidays was little stuff. Elegant, tidy, decisive, he keeps Torino forwards at bay like Squid Game’s ‘One, Two, Three, Star’ Killer Doll. Nobody moves, that Amir gets angry.

You are in the glorious past and an invitation to reflect on the present. The Gazzetta dello Sport, published by Urbano Cairo, patron of Turin, tells of a game that was played in another field, tells of a thrilling performance of the grenades that would have shown the spirits to Naples. The Pearl? The box dedicated to slow motion claims the scandal: “The last corner had to be beaten”. Yeah, it really happened. And it will happen again, unfortunately. This, today, is the information in Italy. Blessed are those people who do not need heroes. And free journalists …

Seven to Ospina, crumpling up the clichés about tiring travel and jet-lag like shredded paper. David is lucid and effective in defending his door, he claims a clear concept: this is my home and here I am in charge. It is not an ‘instagrammable’ product because it does not hide any rip-offs. It has no filters, it doesn’t need them, it doesn’t even know what they are. David is like Gennaro D’Auria: only truth. And very important saves.

Eight out of eight. A feast of Naples, of fatigue, of solidity. Like Roberto Carlino, Spalletti sells solid companies. A building that discovers solid foundations, a team that knows how to go beyond the most invincible superstitions. You miss a penalty, they nullify a goal for which you rejoiced like a damned, you print the diagonal of the liberation on the post, and yet you stay there. Here, it is the victory of despite. Hymn to resilience to be tattooed on the arm. This is not about winning or losing. This is about approaching life as a road where you will meet Triphone and Ruin and you will have to treat these two impostors equally. It is a team that has become a Man, as Kipling would like. Who venerates the cult of waiting: “If you know how to wait without getting tired of waiting”. If you insist, the prize comes.

Nine to the new energies that merge with those ‘old‘. Yes, why Anguissa incredibly almost no longer news, but instead he should do it for the race to play and for some plays (opening of the outside for Insigne) that are stuff for fine palates. And then there is Ciro: electric discharge, who warms up on the sidelines like a possessed man who desires the green lawn more than anything else. There is the flicker of Mertens to trigger the winning carom, the last coin you had at the bottom of your pants that awards you an extra ball in the great pinball machine of life.

Ten to the same nascent. Osimhen, a comet pointing at the universe, takes the reverse path. While everyone goes down, he goes up. Indeed, it ascends. Anabasis which is catharsis, purification, inevitability. A deus ex machina that imposes the right ending on history, a superior will that does not allow replicas. There is everything in Victor’s game, a mix of genres like few in the history of the game: he remembers so many forwards from the past that he remembers none. Because he is unique, he is a puppy from another planet who surprises himself every day with the things he can do. “It’s the most important goal of my career” he declares and does not lie: because he lives every race as if it were the first. It feeds on the pleasure of discovery, smells the opportunity for redemption in every balloon thrown by area. His winning break is the rising sun, as in the first scene of the Lion King. You are all warned: He wants to be a king soon.

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