“Yes to third dose or immunity down like in Great Britain”

“Yes to third dose or immunity down like in Great Britain”
“Yes to third dose or immunity down like in Great Britain”

Like this as in Great Britain, immunity will also drop in Italy ed the third dose of vaccine is therefore required for all. Andrea Crisanti tells the press, explaining that “solid studies show that after six months the protection against infection drops from 95 to 40% and against serious illness from 90 to 65. The recall is the completion of the protection. We do not know how much. tough, but in other vaccinations it is valid for years. It certainly poses further internal social and ethical problems compared to the third world, although I doubt that these vaccines are usable in disadvantaged countries. The peak of the vaccination campaign was between April and July, therefore from November in February we could have problems. This is why we need the third dose “.

For the full professor of Microbiology at the University of Padua, “arrive at 90% of the vaccinated would ensure a balance that with the third dose it could become good, otherwise there is the English risk. The Green Pass effect demonstrates that it is still possible to convince oneself to get vaccinated, that is to save lives, so be careful not to give the frightened to No Vax ”. “We need to involve fearful, anxious and fragile people”, says Crisanti, according to whom the Green Pass is the right push, “it has always been his goal. The important thing is not to give to the protesters, who are few, psychologically fragile people, who must be recovered without obligations and impositions, while the tampons must remain for a fee, but I would leave companies free to offer them to employees so as not to exacerbate the conflict. Then it would be preferable to do more molecular than antigenic, the latter are less reliable and with the influence causing confusion, closed places must be secured. In this sense, the new molecules distinguish between Sars-Cov-2 and influenza “.

Finally, the microbiologist comments on the latest Aifa report according to which out of over 84 million doses administered less than 0.02 percent had serious side effects, often resolved, and there were 16 related deaths: “Very low numbers that testify to safety vaccines, which cannot be considered experimental after billions of doses, while the treatments are palliative and empirical, so much so that people are still dying of Covid. Vaccines prevent serious illness, hospitalization and death “.


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