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Pariah will be one of the next Legends of Apex Legends, as revealed by a leak in which we talk about the abilities of the character and his Ultimate.

With over 100 million players, Apex Legends continues to receive constant updates from Respawn Entertainment, and as has happened in the past it is possible that this leak is based on real information.

According to the dataminer who gleaned these details, Pariah will be equipped with one Ultimate which allows it to emit hot steam in all directions, inflicting damage to anyone in the vicinity.

As for the tactical ability, the character will be able to throw a sonic grenade to locate enemies, while the passive ability will allow him to see the health of his opponents.

The interesting thing is that it will probably not be Pariah the Legend that the developers will announce in conjunction with Season 9 of Apex Legends, but the mysterious Falcon.


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