Leandri shortens! Maggiore ranks Destro and Bonaventura but it is not enough

Leandri shortens! Maggiore ranks Destro and Bonaventura but it is not enough
Leandri shortens! Maggiore ranks Destro and Bonaventura but it is not enough
There are now only 5 days left until the end of the first Fantacalcio® La Giovane Italia, the league played by professionals in the sector, in which the hunt for Italian goals is worth more than anything else!

In fact, in LGI Fantasy Football, only Italian footballers born after 1992 can be purchased and deployed (with only 4 slots dedicated to the “overs”). On the pitch, against each other:

  • The Fc Union Belin of Giulio Maggiore e Riccardo Marchizza, midfielder and defender of Spezia and already protagonists of our lists
  • The PeaNuts of Fulvio Pea, former Inter’s Primavera coach and today Jiangsu Suning’s technical director
  • The Jack London of Jacopo Leandri, technical commissioner of the U16 Italian Women’s National Teams and head of the Azzurri Women’s Scouting Area
  • The Representatives of hand, of Elia Legati, former Milan and Monaco, among others, defender and captain of Feralpisalò and Manuel Iori, formerly Chievo and Turin, and captain of the Cittadella
  • The FeetMountain of Martina Piedmont, striker of Fiorentina Women
  • The Charlie Blonde, of Carlalberto Ludi, ex Pisa and Novara, and DG del Como.

So let’s see the results of the 10th day, the partial ranking and the calendar of the next round.

Memorable day, the one just ended, for Jacopo Leandri and his Jack London: wins by measure, 2-1, against the leaders, Fulvio Pea’s team, and now shortens in the standings. The merits all go to Pezzella’s unexpected +3 and Orsolini’s rigor, which compensate Scamacca’s unlucky own goal and bring the total to exactly 72. Pea mistakenly leaves Berardi on the bench (+6), who however takes over of the SV of Quagliarella. But the coach is not enough: he closes at 67, also due to Silvestri’s -3, and finds himself losing the first game of the season. Now the LGI Fantasy Football finale lights up.

Giulio Maggiore, on the other hand, this time does not give to himself and to the Spice no bonus: the excellent Destro (+3) and Jack Bonaventura take care of providing him with the necessary bonuses to reach 70.5. Martina Piedmont, however, replies with the expected return to +3 from Immobile, collects Depaoli’s -2, and ends up finding a happy draw, which allows her to bring the advantage over the last one to +1.

Another draw also between Representatives of hand e Charlie Blonde: on the one hand goals from Pavoletti, on the other the lucky substitutes from Viola and Zaza. However, there are also the different penalties of the goalkeepers, which ensure that the totals do not go beyond 70.5 to 70.

Another decisive day begins tomorrow: first and second in the standings compete, in what could be the game of the season. And eyes to the challenge between Iori and Legati and Piedmont, which is more than significant in the “safety zone”. Keep following us!


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