very severe lesson for Reyer

very severe lesson for Reyer
very severe lesson for Reyer

No game at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago. Ettore Messina’s team dominates Reyer Venezia from the duo ball, touching +35 in the fourth quarter, saying 70-7 after 20 ‘, and launching the young Leoni and Rapetti in the final.

Forum delirious, for Pippo Ricci of course, but also for Dinos Mitoglou, for which the title of mvp is requested. For Reyer Venezia a very severe lesson, which cannot be explained by the ailments of the various Daye and Charalampopoulos, or the absence of the last hour of Michele Vitali.

For the De Raffaele gang it is the third knockout in a row, the second of important dimensions after the one with Virtus. Today, the Venetian team does not have what it takes to be the third force in the league. Today.

93-68 the final.


Milano Delaney, Shields, Ricci, Melli, Hines

Venezia Phillip, Tonut, Brooks, Charalampopoulos, Watt


It starts with the triples of Shields and Ricci, who also participates in two excellent defensive recoveries (8-2 at 6.06, Reyer timeout). Delaney for the third triple of the team for the 11-2 (5.20), Tonut responds by breaking free, but Olimpia dominates in defense, produces with Biligha (4 points) and with Datome touches the 20-7 at 10 “. De Nicolao fixes 20-10 on the siren.


Olimpia escapes with a parial of 7-3 touching the maximum advantage on 27-10, with Shields who bags the 30-13 at 6 ‘. 2/2 of Hines who updates the maximum advantage (32-13), the 2/2 of Melli is worth 36-15 to 3.40. A 52 ”triple from Delaney for 42-21, Venice doubled, but it doesn’t end there. Hines basket and foul at 39 “for 44-22, then two more free for 46-22 at 15”, Phillip 3 for 46-25. Olimpia which is 62% from 2, 55% from 3. Venice is 20% from 2, 38% from 3, 6 lost, 70-7 rating.


It starts with a triple from Melli (first field goal from the first half with Maccabi) and Shields, then Ricci says 54-28 of maximum advantage (8.10), Delaney 57-28 and then 62-33 for his 14th point . Tonut tries to shake the team with 2 triples. 73-45 at the end of the third quarter, 14 by Delaney and 12 by Shields, Tonut rises to 8.


Gigi Datome says +31 sil 78-47, Mitoglou 83-50 (15 for him) and the audience screams for the Greek “mvp, mvp”. The Greek himself reaches 18 shortly after for 88-53. Messina can launch the young Lions and Rapetti, in the 12 for the absent Moraschini and Alviti. Messina who left out Tarczewski and Grant. De Raffaele gave up on Stone, out at the last minute Michele Vitali.

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