Don Mozzatti D’Aprili Foundation: competitions for 7 recruitments

Don Mozzatti D’Aprili Foundation: competitions for 7 recruitments
Don Mozzatti D’Aprili Foundation: competitions for 7 recruitments

The Don Mozzatti D’Aprili Foundation of Monteforte d’Alpone, in the province of Verona (Veneto), has launched four competitions for new hires.

The 7 resources selected, in fact, will be employed by means of an employment contract indefinitely.

The deadlines for submitting the application for admission expire on 4 and 5 November 2021. Here is all the information to apply and the calls to download.


The Don Mozzatti D’Aprili Foundation has therefore published three public competitions for recruitment aimed at recruiting the following professional figures:

  • n.3 Assistance Officers / OSS part-time (50%) – Cat. B1;
    NOTICE (Pdf 641 Kb) and APPLICATION (Link);

  • n.1 Assistance Officer / OSS full time – Cat. B1;
    NOTICE (Pdf 639 Kb) and APPLICATION (Link);

  • n.2 Nurses full time – Cat. C1;
    NOTICE (Pdf 603 Kb) and APPLICATION (Pdf 97 Kb);

  • n.1 Maintenance technician – Skilled worker – full time – Cat. B3;
    NOTICE (Pdf 567 Kb) and APPLICATION (Pdf 98 Kb).

Candidates for the competitions of the Don Mozzatti D’Aprili Foundation are invited to carefully read the announcements attached above, published in excerpt in the Official Gazette n.79 of 05-10-2021.


Candidates in possession of the generic requirements summarized below:

  • Italian citizenship or citizenship of a State of the European Union or of other categories provided for in the notices;
  • psycho-physical fitness, full and unconditional, without limitations to specific tasks;
  • age below that required by the current regulations for retirement from office;
  • regular position with regard to military obligations (limited to Italian male candidates born before 31.12.1985);
  • enjoyment of civil and political rights in the States of belonging or origin;
  • inclusion in the active electorate;
  • absence of dismissal measures or exemption from employment in a Public Administration due to persistent insufficient performance;
  • not having been declared forfeited from a state employment for having obtained the same employment through the production of false documents or vitiated by an invalidity that cannot be remedied;
  • absence of criminal convictions and / or disqualifications or being subjected to measures that exclude, according to the laws in force, from appointment to employment with public bodies;
  • driving license category B or equivalent recognized by the Civil Motorization.


It is also necessary to have the following specific requirements depending on the profile for which you are applying:

– certificate of qualification of Social Healthcare Operator obtained following the passing of the two-year training course or equivalent qualifications.

– certificate of qualification of Social Healthcare Operator obtained following the passing of the two-year training course or equivalent qualifications.

– degree in Nursing, belonging to the class of degrees in the nursing health professions or equivalent qualifications.
– registration in the relevant Professional Register.

– at least three-year certificate of professional or technical qualification relevant to the required job position (technical, maintenance, plant engineering, mechanical or hydraulic area).

More information on any reserves and on the equivalent qualifications admitted are indicated in the individual notices, attached above.


The Administration, based on the number of applications received in the calls, reserves the right to make one preselection.

The selective procedures will be carried out through the overcoming of two exams: a written ed one oral.

To know in detail the exams relating to the profile of interest, we refer you to the reading of the individual calls.


Established on 10 February 1820, the Don Mozzatti d’Aprili Foundation – Residential Center for the Elderly and Community Housing for the Disabled, was born in 1970. The assistance service is guaranteed 24 hours a day to ensure continuity and for each resident there is a personalized therapeutic – rehabilitation plan with precise moments of verification in order to guarantee continuity of health and social services.

In 2002 the new building was completed, built with modern criteria of efficiency and comfort and furnished in a functional way.


To participate in the competitions for recruitment organized by the Don Mozzatti D’Aprili Foundation, candidates must submit applications within the following terms and in the following mode:

  • by November 4, 2021 for part-time caregiver / OSS and full-time caregiver / OSS competitions, through telematic procedure present in the links attached at the beginning of the article;
  • within 12 noon on 5 November 2021 for competitions for nurses and maintenance technicians, as a priority through Candidate’s personal PEC or by registered letter with return receipt, using the application forms attached at the beginning of the article and according to the procedures described in the notices.

Candidates who are not in possession of the PEC can obtain it in 30 minutes through the pec activation service. All the details are available in our in-depth article.

The questions will also be needed to attach receipt of payment of a non-refundable fee of € 15.00.

Any other detail on how to submit the application for admission is indicated in the reference calls.


the subsequent communications regarding the diaries of the exams and the rankings will be made known through the Foundation’s website, in the section ‘Transparent administration> Competition notices’.


Keep following us and stay up to date by subscribing to our free newsletter and the Telegram channel. Finally, to find out about the other public competitions in Veneto, we invite you to consult our page.

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