SBK, Redding: “Today I thought how Toprak would have done”

SBK, Redding: “Today I thought how Toprak would have done”
SBK, Redding: “Today I thought how Toprak would have done”

Scott Redding makes up for it with a second place in the Superpole Race and a well-deserved victory in the crash that forced him to settle for a ninth place yesterday in race-1. The English rider from Ducati ended the weekend in San Juan on a positive note, where he showed an excellent race pace on all occasions and an aggressiveness that was rarely seen by Scott, as he also admitted after the race.

“I said it: if they wanted to see this aggressive side, there it is, and that’s what I did this weekend. I put my name on the list and I was not the pilot who does not take risks, because doing so leads nowhere. If you can’t beat them, join them, that’s what I did and I managed to beat them – said Redding after the win – It was a positive day for me, the Superpole Race also went very well, usually it’s not our strong point. I was very fast, I also attempted an overtaking that I didn’t think was possible, but I thought how Toprak would do it: I tried, regardless of whether it was successful or not. He was ready for a counter move, but I showed him that I would give it a try anyway, this was a first step. Race 2 was the second step, I showed him that I would try and try and try again. I can’t wait to see the race again honestly, I don’t remember anything that happened, I know it was me, Toprak, Rea, Bassani. From my point of view, they were in very good shape, then I got in front and I felt that Toprak would try to pass me inside, I braked late, I recovered and I did it again this morning in the Superpole Race. I went off the track, I recovered 8 tenths. I’m pushing to the limit to win races, I’m happy to have won a race for my first time here in San Juan ”.

As you said it was your first time in San Juan, a technical and difficult to learn track. You showed great pace in both races and were close to winning the Superpole Race. Is today’s day a remedy for yesterday’s disappointment?
“What happened yesterday belongs to yesterday, it wasn’t my fault and I am aware of it. However, I showed determination and desire to recover and get back into the group. Falling and thinking you’ve lost your chance to finish first or second in the league can make you sad, but that’s the time to get up and try again. I pushed hard and finished ninth. Today I finished second and then I won the race. I am happy with my performance over the weekend. It is true that I have fallen twice, but I have won and I have shown that I am strong. For the next race we will go to Indonesia and the situation will be the same for everyone. Here I had to play as a throw-in all weekend and in the end we showed that we are strong. In Indonesia we will try again ”.

Speaking of Indonesia, it will be a new track for everyone: how do you prepare for such a race?
“There isn’t much to do, there aren’t even any on-boards to watch. We will go there, we will run or walk the whole track, we will observe it, we will go out on the track and we will lap a lot in FP1. Here in the first free practice I think I did 24 laps, maybe 10 laps more than all the others. The laps made in race-1 after the crash were all useful. I don’t want to give up my secrets, but I know that others will look at how quickly I learn the tracks ”.

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