“Vaccines? There are no more restrictions” – Il Tempo

“Vaccines? There are no more restrictions” – Il Tempo
“Vaccines? There are no more restrictions” – Il Tempo

Giada Oricchio

October 17, 2021

Soaring from contagion gives Covid-19 in Great Britain: 45.140 in the last 24 hours against the 2,400 of Italy. A stable figure for 5 days even if the total number of admissions to British hospitals remains below the warning level and deaths drop to 57 against 145 on Saturday. From London, the Al Jazeera journalist, Barbara Serra, in connection with the program “On air“, Led by David Parenzo e Concita De Gregorio, explained the causes of this worrying leap: “If you go around London and England it is as if Covid had never been there, yes the population And vaccine and Great Britain was one of the first countries to go ahead with the vaccination campaign, but masks are nowhere to be seen anymore except in some private companies that impose it, in the subway where almost half of the people should not be required. has them.

The vaccination of children between the ages of 12 and 15 is going very slowly and the third doses are slowly going too “. Serra is in open disagreement with the executive led by Johnson: “The truth is that here there are no more restrictions for a specific choice of the Government. In June, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced freedom day, when the Covid restrictions ended and in fact they are over. There is no social distancing either. Everyone goes to the hospital, of course there are not the many deaths in January, but the problem is that we are in mid-October, we have winter ahead and it is not clear whether people are predisposed to self-imposed limits to contain the infection. It seems to me a bit of a gamble by the government ”.

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