Francesco Facchinetti: “Attacked by Conor McGregor for no reason, I will report him”

A real complaint that of Francesco Facchinetti which he entrusts to his own profile Instagram. Last night he was hit in the face with a punch in Rome. The aggressor? AND Conor McGregor, the well-known champion of mixed martial arts, who, not later than 24 hours ago, had spent a pleasant evening with the Roma coach, Josè Mourinho. Facchinetti had been invited to the hotel to meet the well-known Irish champion.

“At 2.30 this night I was attacked by Mr. McGregor at the St. Regis hotel in front of 10 witnesses. He broke my lip and nose. He is a violent person, I got punched for nothing, even my wife who was there with me. This is why I decided to report him, because he is a very violent and dangerous person ”.
His wife echoes him in the story in the evening of fear, Wilma Helena Faissol: “Suddenly he threw a punch in the face of Francesco. He could have killed him, he split his lips and nose, flew back, fell on the table… and I’m shivering like a calf. There was blood, the bodyguard gave us handkerchiefs and chased us away. From the hotel they let us out the side door, as if everything was fine. I was crying, I was shaking, we called the police and ambulance. We made the complaint, he is an unstable person: he is dangerous ”.

Facchinetti was treated on the spot by 118, during the intervention he reported to the police that he would go to Milan to be referred to the hospital and then he would file a complaint, also in Milan.

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Francesco Facchinetti Attacked Conor McGregor reason report

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