“More vaccinated thanks to the green pass, Italy did well” – Corriere.it

“More vaccinated thanks to the green pass, Italy did well” – Corriere.it
“More vaccinated thanks to the green pass, Italy did well” – Corriere.it
from Margherita De Bac

The director of Aifa, the drug agency: «We hope to see the percentage of immunized still rise, yes to the green certificate also to those who have received the doses of Sputnik and Sinovac. Mobility is a right “

«The green certificate is an important contribution to the return to normal social life and to be able to move more safely everywhere, in particular restaurants, cinemas and theaters. A valuable tool in the public administration and in the company. We have been using it successfully on around 600 employees of Aifa since Friday », exalts the value of the green pass Nicola Magrini, director of the Italian drug agency.

Will it be an effective persuasion tool even on no vaxes?

“There is a residual range of citizens, particularly among the over 50s, who can be convinced, unfortunately not eliminated. It is a very heterogeneous population, made up of fearful and uncertain and also those who still live the fears related to the AstraZeneca vaccine and in particular to the very rare thrombotic events. I believe that many who are not vaccinated can be brought together by offering mRNA vaccines. Several family doctors tell me they have noticed a greater availability in their patients who allow themselves to be convinced if there is an interview ».

A report on the New York Times predicts the arrival of new variants: should we live with the virus for a very long time?

“Variants may arise but vaccines based on mRNA technology can be modified in a few months to respond to new waves.”

In Great Britain the infections have started to grow again, as have the victims. Is it the no green pass effect that is not used in the UK?

“The number of new cases is much higher than in Italy, but in proportion to the infections, the deaths are few. It means that the protection given by vaccines remains high, given that in the UK they started the mass campaign 3-4 months before us. Thanks to the great organizational work, the containment measures adopted and the use of the green certificate, Italy is now in a better situation than many European countries. The circulation of the virus is low and the control of the epidemic curve is very good ».

Third dose, a lifesaver?

«Vaccines have saved many lives and the third dose is very important for the immunosuppressed, the over 80s and the frail and is also important between the ages of 60 and 80. If we manage to quickly secure at least the first three categories between October and November we will have preserved the most at risk for next winter ».

Do you agree to give the green pass to those vaccinated with Russian Sputnik and Sinovac, a Chinese product?

“Yup. The progressive control of the epidemic and the resumption of displacements suggest moving towards vaccination reciprocity.
We find all possible solutions to guarantee the inalienable right to free movement of persons,
it is an important right. Students, family members and workers must be able to move even if immunized with compounds other than those authorized in the EU. The protection of international relations between countries prevails over strictly regulatory issues “.

Today we are at 85% of the vaccination coverage. Is it enough to go through autumn and winter without damage?

«The 85% level is high and guarantees protection for many and very low virus circulation.
We plan to increase the percentage a little more
to be safer next winter but we must not let our guard down and proceed with the third doses ».

The Court of Auditors has opened an investigation into Aifa which last year would have refused the free offer of monoclonal antibodies and then bought them this year. Trouble ahead?

«AIFA’s work has always been characterized by maximum transparency, prudence and consistency, to protect public health. We have never received any proposal for free disposal, compassionate use or supply for clinical trials of the monoclonal antibody Bamlanivimab from the company Eli Lilly, which has always pushed for an approval and sale of its product. The Court of Auditors received our report “

But then Lilly’s monoclonal was bought from Italy.

«It was used only for a very short period, between March and April 2021, on the basis of an emergency procedure after the publication of new data in January, but remained under special surveillance for its weak effectiveness. The authorization of monotherapy was therefore revoked when its use in combination with another monoclonal, more effective, became available ».

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