Scary fire on the island of Elba, flames high until late at night – Chronicle

Scary fire on the island of Elba, flames high until late at night – Chronicle
Scary fire on the island of Elba, flames high until late at night – Chronicle

Elba Island, October 17, 2021 – Scary fire on the island of Elba. The flames that ravaged part of the island have been stoked all night since wind. With an important effort of the numerous firefighting volunteer teams and forestry workers, around 3am the fire broke out in Castacoli has been brought under control. Several hundred meters of pipes were “joined” to get with great difficulty to extinguish the 400 meters of active front of one of the largest fires that broke out on the island of Elba in recent years.

At the moment 20 volunteer teams are operating, in addition to the director of extinguishing operations, the assistant to the extinguishing operations and two teams of firefighters, arrived on the island with the last ferry and a regional helicopter is carrying out several launches. to support operations, in particular in the most inaccessible and difficult to reach area of ​​the front.

On the ground now begins the most tiring work made of a lot of manual skill to create a large detachment with rastri and hoes between the burnt part and the vegetation and extinguish any small embers that could restart the flames. Many hours of effort are expected as the weather forecasts are still talking about wind and low humidity still favorable conditions for the spread of fire. For this reason it is recommended to avoid burns. Many of the fires these days are due to this type of agricultural operation carried out in anticipation of the olive and chestnut harvest.

The fire broke out on the morning of Saturday 16 October and in the early afternoon it seemed tamed but in the evening the outbreaks regained strength. As a precaution, some houses in the Formiche area have been evacuated.

The fire had broken out around 11 in the morning, between the areas of Castancoli (in the municipality of Campo nell’Elba, in an inaccessible and inaccessible area, already crossed by major fires in the past), Sassi Ritti, Moncione up to lap the granite quarries. The strong wind raised fears that the fire could get out of control. The conditions in which it flared up put a strain on the fire fighting machine with men and vehicles engaged in a tough fight to fight the flames. The causes are all to be evaluated.

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