Francesco Oppini remembers his girlfriend Luana, who died in a car accident 15 years ago

October 17 is a very difficult day for Francesco Oppini. Fifteen years ago, in fact, his girlfriend Luana lost her life, who died at the age of 25 in a very serious road accident. On Instagram, the former competitor of the Gf Vip shared a moving memory, along with a photo of Luana. “There are those dates that you would never want to relive, today unfortunately, it’s one of those. Fifteen years without you little Lu ‘. You are and will always be light, sun and smile and there are no goodbyes between us, because wherever you are, you will always be in my heart “, the moving words of Oppini. Among the first comments came also that of Alba Parietti, also very close to the girl, who replied to her son: “We published this message at the same time, Francy. It made an impression on me, at the same time.”

Francesco Oppini and Alba Parietti remember Luana

Alba Parietti also shared a post on Instagram to remember the girl. “Hi Luana. It’s been 15 years, today you would be a 40-year-old woman. But it all ended that damn night. There was nothing worse to remember than that moment that turned off your smile and with your departure for that journey for all of us, for your mother, your sister and for Francesco hell on earth. Only those who have experienced the tragedy of losing a loved one, young beautiful full of life can understand what that immense pain means that they will never have end – wrote Parietti – I think of you, the last happy greeting at the door, of the nightmare of the hours and years after. But one thing you left it: your beauty, your energy, your goodness, your generosity. We will never forget you, beautiful invisible and present creature. Hello beloved Luana, tomorrow you would have completed the years but that birthday, then as today, is not a happy date. We will love you forever and you will always be there in everything beautiful like you. Hi Luana “.

“The energy that certain people transmit, who leave even when they are gone, help you to live”, recalled Oppini last year, inside the house of Gf Vip, while crying with his companions he told about the girl. “Luana was all-round energy. She was a very normal girl who did two jobs for a living: she sold houses and was at the entrance to the premises to let people in, she also did two jobs to help the family that might need it. She was life and when people are life there is never death, in any case “. The accident, Oppini recalled, occurred the day before the girl’s birthday, as she was returning from work. Unfortunately for her there was nothing to do.

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