Napoli-Torino 1-0, report cards / Spalletti has endured Rome, he can do it with the Napoli of conspiracies

Napoli-Torino 1-0, report cards / Spalletti has endured Rome, he can do it with the Napoli of conspiracies
Napoli-Torino 1-0, report cards / Spalletti has endured Rome, he can do it with the Napoli of conspiracies

Osimhen is a giant, up there he does everything by himself. Insigne does not become the childhood disease of spalletism, Lozano should not have said A

The report cards of Naples-Turin 1-0 by Fabrizio d’Esposito and Ilaria Puglia.

OSPINA. In this very nasty, not dirty game, Ospinik is one of the two candidates for canonization (the other is not so obvious that it is obvious) for this octave that risked anticipating the November octave of the dead. His game is all in the infernal duel with Brekalo, two saves and then a high tiraccio of the Croatian who grace him – 7

Savior of the homeland at 64 ‘and bearer of a healthy feeling of security – 6.5

DI LORENZO. The Euroappuntato is suffering from an adverse crisis of considerable proportions. He gets the penalty and the Captain misses him, then scores and is offside for an ante. I take this opportunity, Ilaria, to raise the suspicion that the shirt in honor of Halloween brings a bit of bad luck: for eighty minutes we were the victim of a haunted match. That said, Di Lorenzo misses Brekalo a couple of times and that’s not a good thing – 6

I, on the other hand, find the spider web shirt really beautiful. The price, however, a little exaggerated, too bad. As for Di Lorenzo, his was a great lady – 6.5

Rahman. With the bands that often become a sieve, the two central ones are decisive in order not to obstruct the rib and maintain the lucidity. Let’s say that he and Kappa Kappa were the only compass today to orient oneself and not lose direction – 7

I like the new central couple very much. Koulibaly is more striking in his movements, but Rrahmani demonstrates an enviable application: always focused, on the piece, clean. The young boy who, who knows, will surpass the teacher. I find it fundamental, in this moment – 7

KOULIBALY. At first he struggles a bit with Singo, then he gets up to speed and he is the man who brings out the team, the true moral captain of Napule (I have already written it and I repeat it, Ilaria). And it is he who initiates the action of Victor Victoria’s longed-for goal – 7

On the other hand, he cancels Sanabria. I will dwell on the goal action further, but that ball stolen by Kalidou, the origin of beauty, is also to be noted here, like the heel that he, the defender, put in the middle of the opponent’s area – 8

MARIO RUI. Marittiello goes down a lot but then Singo outclasses him more than once – 5.5

We are talking about a very fast Singo and a Marittiello Rui, Fabrizio … The ball for Di Lorenzo, in the action of the offside goal, however, he puts it – 6

ANGUISSA. The only one to save himself from today’s “doily” of Napule, so small that only he or almost can be seen – 6.5

The first mistake, one of the very few, he commits in the 47th minute, on the occasion of an inaccurate touch. For the rest, apart from some unnecessary foul at the end, very excited, it was perfect – 6.5

FABIAN RUIZ. Fabian is imprisoned by Linetty and it is no coincidence that Torino dominates in possession of the pelota, at least in the first half. And when he finds space in the passages or on the banks he often raises the ball unnecessarily. Finally, he never guesses the right throw for Victor Victoria. Sure, he sacrifices a lot behind but at that point Demme would have been better – 5.5

Such a dirty game does not fully suit Fabian, who needs calm and serenity, and above all time, to read the actions and take appropriate countermeasures. His is still a balanced game – 6

ZIELINSKI. Hints a few lunges, then disappears – 5

It seems out of phase, never really in the game. Surely the most opaque – 5

MERTENS from 70 ‘. His precious feet shine in the canvas that leads to the advantage. Spalletism also did well to Ciro – 6.5

He takes the burden and the honor of advancing the ball during the action that leads to the goal, between a heel and a squiggle, a beautiful embroidery, welcome back – 6.5

POLITANO. Except for some good dialogue with the Euroappuntato, it is evanescent and irritating as it did not happen from last season. And in the end of the first half he practically doesn’t get it right – 5

At 45 ‘he nullifies a splendid action by Osimhen, who came out victorious from a majestic duel with Bremer (he stumbles with his feet) – 5.5

LOZANO from 59 ‘. What could have been the night of the witches and the possible first place in a condominium with the devils also goes through his pole. For the rest, the anger for the replacement is all there but let’s leave it to the Peeled Magician on the bench. El Tav have boundless faith in him – 6

If your team scores, with difficulty, against a tough opponent and a coach who is certainly not among the nicest, if we are one step away from maintaining the top for another week, when your coach replaces you because you are not defending as you should, simply to bring home the result, you don’t have to allow yourself to say A. In my opinion – 5

JUAN JESUS from 89 ‘. Without vote

But what is this Juan Jesus like? I haven’t figured it out yet – sv

OSIMHEN. Giant take care of it, we children sang at the Carosello. And Victor Victoria thinks about it all right and jumps on that ball chipped from the Macedonian’s ass or back. At that moment we kicked out all the anger accumulated for eighty minutes of agony, with our thoughts turned up there, at the top of the ranking. There in front Osimhen does everything himself and does it alone, despite the very hard game of the grenade tolerated by the referee – 8

At 9 ‘he goes alone against three grenades, crazy, who didn’t know how to take him: it’s a pity that the shot ends just wide (a galloping action, Di Lorenzo-Insigne-Osi). As for the goal: at the beginning it seemed to me that everyone did everything to get Mertens to score, to bring him closer to the area, in short. It was so beautiful what I saw that I remained silent, while I realized that I too was advancing in the living room as that ball touched six times advanced. Then the ball seemed to go out, and instead it met a butt, or a back, as you say, and there it was: Victor Victoria. What a wonderful action, Fabrizio. And what a good Koulibaly to recover that ball – 8

BADGE. We have written what we had to say hundreds of times, Ilaria. At this point I just hope that the Captain does not become the nefarious childhood disease of spalletism. In itself, in a game like this, a penalty is never a certainty, then entrusted to Insigne it becomes a Russian roulette like in the Cacciatore. This time he cannot show the attributes to the public – 4

At 12 ‘he makes an excellent recovery on a very fast Singo. What should we add to rigor? It was understood by Spalletti’s applause: he wants to try to change him, to annihilate that mental weakness that damages Lorenzo and annoys us. I wonder if, at Insigne’s age, it is still possible to change it. Honestly, I think not, but the streets of the Spallettone are endless. So let’s get used to the idea that penalties won’t bring us points for a very long time. Ah, anyway it is not that he just got it wrong, the penalty: he threw it really badly – 5

DIAMOND from 70 ‘. As mentioned, his assist is, so to speak, for Victor Victoria’s goal – 6

A beautiful back and butt – 6

SPALLETTI. I have my say: one who had to withstand the hatred of half of Rome, if not more, for the management of the Tottian retreat, coming to endure without uttering a word a fiction that portrayed him as absolute evil, here is a man like this can handle also the Neapolitan conspiracy deleteriousness of these days. Also because, and this is our luck, Spalletti is not a populist, by nature and dialectic. As for the game: he put in Mertens and Elmas and both were decisive – 8

Spallettone gives me a strange feeling, which I would approach to religiosity. It is something to have faith in, to surrender to, it makes you trust him. But there is always that fear: how long will it last? Will the “devil” Aurelione stay good long enough for us to enjoy Lucianone and his thaumaturgical properties? The question is always this. Of course, for Spalletti every game must be very exhausting: first he has to load up the team and keep morale high, push them to believe that they have grown up enough to be able to do everything. During, then, he must deal blows, face those who do not want to be replaced and support those who miss penalties by peeling their hands. I imagine him afterwards collapsing on a sofa and throws down a good red wine before starting the battle again. It is a force of nature – 8

REFEREE SACCHI. A referee like him was a godsend for the bulls – 4

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