LIVE TMW – Napoli, Spalletti: “Now we have everyone against. Insigne? The penalty shooter remains”


Napoli-Torino 1-0: Osimhen decides.

Victory signed by Osimhen for Napoli, who beat Turin with a goal from the center forward. The Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti he will shortly answer the reporters’ questions at the press conference.

How do you explain all the difficulties that Torino created for you?

“All matches are like this, there are different moments within a match. Winning this match is a lot of stuff, they have different characteristics from ours. If we are also good at waiting for the right moment and then guiding it where we want to go, that is a symptom of strength and maturity. In my opinion it was a difficult match, but for what I saw from the bench it was also deservedly won “.

Now comes Rome to the next …
“It’s an interesting game. By winning this game we have further motivated them, now you have them all against it, that’s how it works. But it’s also nice to be able to maintain a balance and a strength that must have a continuous evolution. We need to put new things in the next game,” because they have learned them “.

Is Osimhen the leader of this team?
“He’s a strong, very strong player. Tonight he did things I had talked about in the last few games, he’s also good at picking up the team when he goes to one and a half meters and he also manages to control it. He went to make some important passes. especially against teams like Torino. With just one leader you can’t go anywhere, as leaders we have many, even the silent ones, even among those I replaced today. Today Lozano did what he had to do, only the race required me to make that change. I’m very sorry, I hope he understood it, I understand your reaction and as a footballer I would have done the same, that is to go straight into the locker room. When we returned he congratulated the team. I have five changes and I replace whoever I am. it seems. Elmas is an exceptional guy, he enters with great enthusiasm and runs his kilometers even when not needed. It’s a fantastic thing “.

On Insigne’s rigor and the public’s reaction
“I was sorry to replace Insigne precisely because he had missed the penalty, because things will be said about his game. But I have to have respect for those who are on the bench, I have to be fair with the whole locker room. I have to take into account the things they can give you An advantage. But what else does Insigne have to prove to leave him alone? Still with this contract, he signs it and does not sign it. Even tonight, after having missed two penalties, it is a test of great courage to go and beat tonight’s penalty. It is a symptom of a leader, of a player with personality. Insigne beats the next penalty, Lorenzo beats the second, the captain beats the third and the number 24 beats the fourth. “

On Mertens and the support of the fans
“He enjoys the approval of Maradona because he won him in there, it’s not that there are his relatives in the stands. He is someone who has an above average quality in the strait, as well as when he shoots on goal. only the greatest of all has shown here in Naples “.

21.00 The conference by Luciano Spalletti ends.


LIVE TMW Napoli Spalletti Insigne penalty shooter remains

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