Kean condemns Mourinho but there is a storm on Orsato

TORINO – A goal of Moise kean relaunches Juve’s ambitions and condemns a furious Rome with the referee Orsato for an incredible decision taken at the end of the first half. An inexplicable misjudgment that effectively removed Abraham’s equal goal to award a missed penalty by Veretout. The 1-0 at the Stadium allows Allegri to return in the wake of the Champions League while punishing a combative and gritty Roma. To complicate Mourinho’s evening, it has also taken place yet another injury of Zaniolo, exited with a left knee problem in the middle of the first half.

Kean brings Juve forward, Orsato makes a sensational mistake

The first half is played on rather slow rhythms. Roma got off to a better start, driven by the gusts of Zaniolo and the good approach of Captain Pellegrini. The first chance, however, has it Bernardeschi who after fifteen seconds tries a diagonal blocked to the ground by Rui Patricio. Shortly after it is Mancini with the head to scare Szczesny. Juve are not watching and after leaving the first quarter of an hour to the guests, they hit the first real lunge. We are at 16 ‘when a cross from the left by De Sciglio finds Kean’s winning sweet, good at anticipating Ibanez. The 1-0 knocks Roma out, which takes a while to reorganize. To give a further blow to the Romanist mood there is also the injury of Zaniolo, who came out in the 25th minute due to a problem in his left knee. In his place on the field goes El Shaarawy. Juve manages the advantage without problems thanks also to the slow circulation of the Capitoline ball. Mourinho’s men put a tremendous effort into building playable balls for Abraham. The time ending, however, suddenly turns on. At 36 ‘it is the Englishman on Vina’s assist who hits the head too weakly. However, it is a sign of rebirth for the Giallorossi who in the 43rd minute have the most sensational chance for a draw. Chiellini makes a mistake and opens the way for Abraham to restart the Giallorossi who overtakes a man but is stopped at the time of the conclusion by Danilo. Mkhitaryan throws himself on the ball and overtakes Szczesny allowing Abraham the most comfortable goal under measure with the door wide open. It would be the goal of the Roma draw but the referee Orsato stops everything incredibly because he had previously whistled the penalty for the guests. A choice made instantly, without waiting for the end of the action and granting the advantage. A decision that also prevents the intervention of the Var. The protests of Rome are furious but at that point Orsato can only confirm the penalty and not concede the goal. In a climate of general tension he goes to the spot Veretout getting hypnotized by Szczesny missing his first penalty with the Giallorossi shirt. We go to rest with Juve in the lead and Roma to complain about Orsato’s choice, to say the least doubtful.

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Kean decisive and Veretout misses the penalty: Juve beat Roma

Resumed, Roma tries but hits a super Chiellini

In the second half, Roma starts again with their heads down in an attempt to make up for the disadvantage. Juve finds space to restart and with a stunt by Bernardeschi is close to doubling. On the occasion Rui Patricio is good at rejecting, less Kean who under measure kicks incredibly high over the crossbar. At 54 ‘Pellegrini ends up on the ground in the Juventus area after a contact with Chiellini, for Orsato it is not a penalty and this time his decision (and that of the Var) seems correct. The nervousness begins to surface and you travel at a very fluctuating pace. Juve resist, Roma push in a confusing way. Veretout at 66 ‘finds the space for a shot from a distance to the side of a breath. Allegri raised in the last twenty minutes Chiesa, Kean and Bernardeschi to insert Morata, Kulusevski and Arthur (on their seasonal debut). The Giallorossi push is constant but Chiellini raises the wall first on Vina and then on Abraham. In the end it is the effort to be felt on the legs of the guests who, in reserve, are no longer able to create dangers around Szczesny. Mourinho in the final plays all out by removing Veretout for Shomurodov. The defense of Juve, however, is impassable and for Roma there are no more opportunities to get to par. At the triple whistle the party at the Stadium. Allegri’s Juve takes a decisive step forward by shortening the distance from fourth place to just one point. For Mourinho’s Rome it is a defeat that tastes like mockery afterwards the clamorous error of Orsato which also conditioned the rest of the race psychologically. For the Giallorossi – also anxious about Zaniolo’s conditions – there will now be the Conference League before the super match at the Olimpico against the Naples leaders of the former Spalletti.

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Allegri and Mourinho embrace before Juve-Roma


Kean condemns Mourinho storm Orsato

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