Olimpia Milano and the perfect week: Reyer also beaten

L’Olimpia Milan plays a game of extraordinary intensity and lucidity on both sides of the field in the final 93-68. He defends without allowing the Reyer Venice to breathe, dominates by rebound, shoots with high percentages, two, three, from the line, never has moments of pause and wins by completing a stellar week. Coach Messina can divide the minutes between all the players, make two seventeen-year-olds debut, on the bench due to the forced absences of Ricky Moraschini and Davide Alviti, and also use quintets never seen before, with Ricci from 3 as an alternative to Datome, then he can finish, but with a decided game, with Devon Hall as point guard.

Olimpia Milano-Reyer Venice, the race

Olimpia starts with an unprecedented quintet, in which Pippo Ricci plays as a small forward alongside the Melli-Hines duo. Just Ricci starts the game with great impetus: he scores from three, executes a block, steals a ball anticipating the defense. Milan starts 8-2 and forces Coach De Raffaele to time out. The advantage reaches nine points and Ricci also plays 3 on the first changeover round, alongside Mitoglou and Hines. It is the turnovers (five) that slow down Olimpia’s escape. Two alley-oops for Biligha and a triple from Datome momentarily open 13 points for Olimpia, but the last basket of the period is by De Nicolao in 20-10 for Milan. The first four possessions yield seven points, including two Mitoglou energy baskets. The defense does not reduce the intensity, it generates turnovers and bad shots. With Mitoglou’s second foul, Olimpia accumulated 17 points ahead of Venice before breaking through with a frontal triple from Mazzola. But the leitmotif of the match does not change, the Olimpia defense controls the game, leaves nothing to rebound (20-10, five are from Melli), there are five steals and 12 assists in the middle of the game (four from Rodriguez , but three by Ricci). The advantage reached over twenty points after six minutes with a 3/4 of Melli from the line. Venice finds support in the fouls of Milan with which it in turn earns a few trips on the free throw line. The margin reaches 24 points with Kyle Hines, before Phillip still reduces it to 21 at the end, at 46-25.

With three triples from three different players and an offensive rebound converted by Ricci, Milan immediately escapes to plus 29, even if after the extraordinary application of the first half the defense is a little less effective in the first part of the second half. In Reyer Stefano Tonut lights up with two jumpers, then Austin Daye reducing the deficit to 20 points after six minutes. Venice also extends the defense in an all-out zone-press, but Olimpia does not break down, returns to defend strongly and shoot on the counterattack, with Devon Hall who, attacking the iron, produces five consecutive points. Then Rodriguez closes the period with a floater worth 73-45. Rodriguez’s seventh assist for Datome’s triple allows Olimpia to climb over 30 ahead of the hill. Mitoglou also shows all his ballistic prowess by scoring 10 points in the first four and a half minutes of the period. Coach Messina also uses Devon Hall as playmaker and since Milan does not let his guard down, the last four minutes are for the absolute debut first of Leoni and then of Rapetti, two boys of 2004 produced in the youth sector. 93-68 the final (olimpiamilano.com).

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