the center-left wins in Rome only with Zingaretti and Calenda

the center-left wins in Rome only with Zingaretti and Calenda
the center-left wins in Rome only with Zingaretti and Calenda

The politicians who enjoy the most transversal consensus in Rome are Nicola Zingaretti and Carlo Calenda: this is stated by a Winpoll consultation, published by Sole 24 Ore, which questioned 1000 adult citizens residing in the municipality of Rome, contacted from 12 to 14 April last. A first figure is that on the Five Star administration: seven out of ten Romans give a negative opinion to the work of the mayor Virginia Raggi, which is reversed in a positive way for 79% of the survey participants only if, however, they are voters of the Movement .

The consent of the candidates

The survey tested Roman citizens’ knowledge of the well-known faces of politics. It emerges that Carlo Calenda and Nicola Zingaretti appear to be the politicians who enjoy the greatest cross-acceptance. The first more in the center-right (3.7 from the League and 4.7 from the Brothers of Italy in the propensity to vote), Zingaretti among the 5 stars (4.1). A figure that heavily influences direct clashes and ballots: assuming that, in the end, the center-right candidate will be Guido Bertolaso, as hoped for by Matteo Salvini, the poll sees the conservative front largely winning against Virginia Raggi (57.9 42.1) and against Roberto Gualtieri (54.3 to 45.7). However, the situation changes if for the center-left the candidates are Nicola Zingaretti and Carlo Calenda, against whom Bertolaso ​​would however have the worst (46.6 to 53.4 against Zingaretti and 48.3 to 51.7 against Calenda).

The list

As for the list votes, the Democratic Party would be the first party with 24.2% “followed by the Brothers of Italy (22.8%). Weak the 5 Stars (14.3%) “while Action is not positively affected by the pull of its leader and stops at 3.3%. The center-right, in terms of lists, would exceed the center-left by about 5 points, or almost 42% to almost 37%.

Well-known faces and trust

The consultation profiled the level of notoriety of some exponents by Roman citizens. The result is a picture that sees all the possible candidates quite well known in the city, with the only exception of Fabio Rampelli who is known only to 51% of citizens. On the other hand, the result of Roberto Gualtieri (79% knowledge), Carlo Calenda (87%), Guido Bertolaso ​​(94%), Nicola Zingaretti and Virginia Raggi (99% each) was good. In particular, Nicola Zingaretti is also the politician whom the Romans most trust (44%), followed on an equal footing by Bertolaso ​​and Calenda (43%), Gualtieri (42%), Rampelli (33%) and to close Raggi ( 28%).


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