Back to class, staggered admissions, sweeping salivary tests, early ballots: the government’s plan

The “all in class” scheduled by the government for Monday 26 April hits the logistical difficulties associated with public transport and tracking. There are four obstacles to saying goodbye to Dad definitively: public transport, distancing in the classroom, tracking of infections and vaccination of teachers.

A The Republic further details of the government’s plan to return to class for a month in attendance, with continuity, are revealed. Here are the details: entrances in different time slots in school buildings, carpet tests to trace the positivity, early ballots from 1st June. The plan will be presented to the Regions in the middle of the week. In Prime Minister Draghi’s now famous “calculated risk”, school represents the biggest bet.

Reopening of schools, objective of face-to-face lessons on April 26: between increased infections, transport problems and chicken coop classes

Sunday afternoon summit via Zoom among all the ministers concerned: Bianchi (Education), Gelmini (Regional Affairs), Giovannini (Transport) and Speranza (Health). More than double shifts, we think of staggered entrances with different time slots.

The disadvantage, second The Republic, would be to unify very different cases, especially in large cities. Public transport is considered the real weak point and the executive tries to dilute the entrances so as not to congest the traffic. Time is running out and you can no longer go wrong.

Schools reopening, almost all in class, but transport chaos. De Berti (Veneto): “It’s madness to come back like this”


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