Playstation 4: this is how much the entire PSN catalog costs

Playstation 4: this is how much the entire PSN catalog costs
Playstation 4: this is how much the entire PSN catalog costs

Have you ever wondered how much money would you need to buy all PS4 games on the PlayStation Network catalog? Probably not, but a Reddit user does. And what could this question lead to? Simple: to a real calculation of the cost of the games for the flagship of the Japanese company. An analysis that is very end in itself, but which also offers us a decidedly important insight into the average cost of the games and the number of titles present within the various regional stores.

It starts with the quantity of games on the PlayStation store. Leading the way is the United States, with 5188 games. Just below Canada, with about 5157 games. As for Europe, Italy beats Germany for 4631 games to 4630. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, closes with 3331 titles. Also interesting is the ranking for the average price: in the USA it costs about 18 dollars to take home a PS4 title from the PlayStation Store, while in the our country the average is 29 Dollars.

As for prices, the trend, of course, continues: the United States is one of the cheapest regions, with just $ 94 million for all PlayStation games. The United Kingdom and Italy, on the other hand, are very close, with about 135 million dollars for our country and 138 million dollars for the residents across the Channel. However, the winner is Germany, with 146 million dollars, while the last wheel of the wagon is always Saudi Arabia, with a cost of “just” 66 million dollars.

This ranking was drawn up following two important criteria: the first is that all Premium and Deluxe Editions have been excluded, as well as DLC and add-ons were not counted. The second, on the other hand, is that it shows how in reality there is a net saving between standard purchases for PS4 and those made with the Plus: if in the USA, in fact, buying all the games without a subscription to the online service costs about 93 million dollars, the price drops to $ 81 million for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Obviously these calculations are only an estimate. For example, it is the proof of this that the cost is an average and not a well-defined number, as well as all the prices and figures we are talking about are actually carried in Dollars. Having said that, it is certainly an interesting analysis and we are quite certain that very similar graphs circulate in Sony on an almost quarterly basis, also useful for deciding the promotions and discounts to be launched at various times of the year. What surprised us, however, is how the our country is almost the most expensive: maybe it’s time to launch some price cuts and reshape the stock price?

If you want to subscribe to PlayStation Plus, you can retrieve a subscription code HERE.

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