sparks in the final of Napoli-Torino

The Naples di Spalletti flies to the top of the Serie A standings with full points. Against Turin the Tuscan coach makes eight out of eight and equals Sarri’s record. But the match of the Maradona it also gave some sparkles in the finale. The spirits light up just in the minutes of recovery: during a throw-in of Ospina, with the hosts leading 1-0, Juric raises your voice complaining of excessive waste of time. But Spalletti is not there and responds to the rhymes to the colleague.

Naples-Turin, the dispute between Spalletti and Juric

“Now you don’t like them holding the ball, huh?”, we hear the blue coach say at the address of the grenade bench. After a few minutes of excitement on the sidelines, the dispute was resolved and indeed, at the end of the game, Spalletti and Juric also embraced during the interviews for the TV.

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Osimhen, decisive goal in Napoli-Torino and exultation with Mertens


sparks final NapoliTorino

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