Super League news, rain of money for Juve, Inter and Milan: prize money of 6 billion euros

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Juventus, Inter and Milan are the Italian clubs founders of the new one Super League. Commenting on the official nature of the news destined to change the rules of the most beautiful game in the world, Tuttosport points out that the big three from the North, by joining this new tournament, would immediately become richer, because from what transpires, upon joining the SuperLeague, they would end up in their coffers 350 million euros; then they could share a prize pool of six billion euros, how much the new tournament could be worth between sponsors and TV rights. “Yes, but which tournament? And with how many clubs?”, The colleagues ask. Given that the 12 clubs that created this tournament could be joined by others, unless the threats of UEFA and the national federations invite other thoughts. The funds behind the European SuperLeague project are convinced that in the end they would be at least 20, with the possibility of increasing them up to 32.



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