geomagnetic disturbances between 18 and 19 October


Between 18 and 19 October could occur geomagnetic disturbances, the effect on the Earth’s magnetic field of a Co-rotating Interaction Region (CIR). The probability of polar auroras is high.
CIRs are transition areas between solar wind streams Fast-moving and slow-moving: These are regions of intense magnetic fields that form when high-speed solar winds overtake slower ones, creating complex patterns of fluctuating magnetic fields. Even these phenomena (in addition to the coronal mass ejections) can interact with the Earth’s magnetosphere and generate weak to moderate geomagnetic storms.

What is the solar wind

Solar winds are streams of charged particles that escape from the Sun, heading into Space. NASA estimates that these events, on average, can reach speeds of around 1.6 million km / h.
Coming from the Sun’s corona, the internal atmosphere, winds can mix with the Earth’s magnetic field and trigger a series of phenomena, including geomagnetic storms, i.e. disturbances of the Earth’s magnetosphere.

What is a geomagnetic storm

When phenomena of sudden and violent activity occur on the Sun, such as flares, large quantities of high-energy particles are emitted that travel quickly through Space, sometimes hurled towards the Earth: this current of particles is braked and deflected by the magnetic field terrestrial, which in turn is disturbed and distorted.
When this “impact” occurs, the Earth’s magnetosphere (the region around the Earth pervaded by the action of its magnetic field) suffers a strong backlash that can cause temporary blackouts in power grids or satellite communications systems. The well-known phenomenon of the polar auroras is also associated with geomagnetic storms.

What is a coronal mass expulsion

A coronal mass ejection (CME) is an ejection of material from the solar corona. The ejected material, in the form of plasma, is mainly made up of electrons and protons: when this cloud reaches the Earth it can disturb its magnetosphere.


geomagnetic disturbances October

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