The video of the demolition of a viaduct on the A24

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October 17, 2021 1:43 pm


Explosive microcharges made the east carriageway of the Le Pastena viaduct shine, towards Teramo. On Sunday morning the transit on the two carriageways of the A24 motorway was interrupted, to allow the demolition work, which was then resumed around 8.30. The infrastructure was located on the steep side of a slope, at over 1000 meters above sea level, in front of Villagrande di Tornimparte.

The Toto Group engineers carried out the demolition of the viaduct, built on three spans and two 15-meter staggered carriageways leaning halfway up the cliff. The reconstruction will be able to guarantee the viaduct greater resistance and durability, protecting it from the aggression of atmospheric agents, particularly extreme in this area, and de-icing salts, and will be adapted to the most recent anti-seismic legislation in Italy.

On Sunday morning, controlled felling was scheduled on the L’Aquila – Tornimparte section before the temporary stop imposed at the beginning of the winter season. A stop that will not concern the reconstruction of the other viaducts of the section, which will always be built by Toto Costruzioni Generali and which is proceeding at a rapid pace. With the testing of the east carriageways of the Raio, Aterno, SS17 and Vetoio viaducts, completion of the S. Onofrio viaduct, which is now near, and the Genzano viaduct for which the second carriageway is being completed, seven viaducts have been reconstructed and partially open to traffic. Five other viaducts are under reconstruction.

video Route of the Parks


video demolition viaduct A24

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