World Cup in Alassio, Italy wins three titles

World Cup in Alassio, Italy wins three titles
World Cup in Alassio, Italy wins three titles

Alassio – The Alassio World Championship gives Italy three World titles, two of which were won almost simultaneously during yesterday morning, Saturday 16 October. Valentina Basei – Francesca Carlini and Luigi Grattapaglia – Simone Nari they won the world title in the male couple and in the female couple, very finals played in front of the attentive gaze of Prince Albert II of Monaco and the governor of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti.

Valentina Basei – Francesca Carlini overtook the Croatians at the photo finish (8-7), after an amazing comeback Carrolina Bajric – Nikol Marelja-Bosniak; while Luigi Grattapaglia – Simone Nari beat the French 6-3 Sébastien Belay – Grégory Chirat at the end of a match played almost perfectly. Great excitement from the four new world champions blues, who also won the Prince of Monaco Cup, for the first time also assigned to the female couple who won the world title.

The third world title came in the afternoon from the women’s individual: Caterina Venturini dropped a valuable trio after victories in Morocco in 2016 and in China in 2018.

The World Cup held in Liguria ends with three golds, one silver and two bronzes: six medals that earned first place in the medal table. The Mixed Couple made up of Luigi Grattapaglia and Francesca Carlini, defeated in the final 9-7 by the Croatians Ria Vojkovic – Marin Cubela, won the silver. Bronze medals for Serena Traversa in the Progressive Shooting and for Serena Traversa with Marika Depetris in the Quick Shooting in Pairs.

“The compliments go to the whole blue group for the six medals won and the first place in the medal table, but above all to the five blue athletes who triumphed by winning the world title – the comment of the federal president, Marco Giunio De Sanctis – The Alassio World Cup was the highlight of the season and ends with an excellent sporting and organizational response. The COLBA, once again, organized an extremely important event, which attracted great media attention, both for the sporting part and for the whole context, such as the presence of Prince Albert II of Monaco. As already happened in Martigues, our movement is also contributing to the golden year of Italian sport with the conquest of world championships “.

The champions

It was “a great game, played almost perfectly – he explains Simone Nari – We were, however, determined and we believed it. An immense satisfaction, both because we triumphed at home and because I graduated as World Champion no longer very young and immediately after an injury, probably on the last call in the national team. Winning the World Cup, combined with the triumph of the female couple that came a few minutes later, was something extraordinary, the best we could hope for – continued Nari – With Francesca Carlini, among other things, we were able to bring a double title to our land. world champion “.

“We managed to stay united and focused, without suffering the mistakes, which are inevitably committed – the words of Luigi Grattapaglia – Despite suffering, we managed to win. We were rewarded by consistency “. The victory of the semifinal and the final at the last bowl,” at the end of extraordinary comebacks, was the icing on the cake of a very well played World Cup – he said. Valentina Basei – We gave great joy to all the people who came to Alassio to see us play “.

For the Ligurian Francesca Carlini it was “a painful victory until the siren gong. We played at very high levels all week, finding a harmony with Valentina that allowed us to triumph. Thanks go to the blue staff, managerial and technical, able to create a great group. We were united, as it is in the DNA of the great national teams “.

Happy too Caterina Venturini. “It had never happened to me to play a World Cup in Italy and I wanted to defend the blue colors and the double world title of 2016 and 2018. Reconfirming is never easy, because as a defending champion you have all the attention on you and your opponents, of consequently, they give their all. This victory acquires even more value, because it was won in a year in which sporting Italy is winning the most important events in various sports disciplines, a golden 2021 for the blue colors- concluded Venturini – In 2020 I contracted Covid, it was a difficult period. Today I am really happy and satisfied “.

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