Livorno, car-motorcycle collision on viale Italia: 36-year-old injured

Accident road around 16.30 today, Sunday 17 October, on Viale Italia, shortly after Barriera Margherita. A motorcycle, with a 36enne, has in fact collided with a ‘auto. In the impact the motorcyclist reported a trauma to the pelvis and one to the leg and some bruises. The volunteers of the Misericordia of Livorno intervened on the spot and stabilized the 36-year-old, waiting for the arrival of the ambulance of the Misericordia of Montenero with the nurse who then took care of the injured person to take him to the hospital. The municipal police officers who carried out the usual surveys intervened on the spot, it will be up to them to establish the dynamics of what happened.


Livorno carmotorcycle collision viale Italia #36yearold injured

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