Puzzer resigns, but the protest of the Trieste dockers continues: fourth day of blocks

Puzzer resigns, but the protest of the Trieste dockers continues: fourth day of blocks
Puzzer resigns, but the protest of the Trieste dockers continues: fourth day of blocks

Portals a Trieste, the protest continues. “I resigned both from the role of vice president and from the Trieste Port Workers Coordination following the chaos generated by the press release and yesterday evening, because these are mistakes I made. I don’t want the responsibility to fall on them ». He said it Stefano Puzzer, until an hour ago spokesman for the CLPT. «I will strike until the 20th but I will return to work only when the green pass is withdrawn. I will go to bring pizzas rather or to Samer, where you don’t need the Green pass».

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No Green pass strike, two thousand people at the port of Trieste. Two gates blocked in Genoa. The protest does not block the country

“Stefano Puzzer is not anyone’s god, he is one who speaks because perhaps he knows how to speak better than others, because he is less shy than others, but this fight against the decree belongs to all port workers, to all Italian workers”, he said. Puzzer said speaking to protesters to explain the reasons for his resignation. Immediately after, he invited to chant the slogan of this protest: “People like us never give up”, which was accompanied by a long thunderous applause.

Fourth day – For Trieste it is not only the Sunday of the ballot: at Gate 4 of Pier VII the protest of the dockers continues, which began on October 15, with a coming and going of people who have never stopped, and which increases with the passing of the hours, favored from the beautiful day.

After the second night of garrison – calmer than the “rave party” the day before – there are currently several hundred people who continue to participate in the demonstration, some arriving by bus from outside the region. This despite the chaos generated last night by a first press release from the Trieste Port Workers’ Coordination announcing the suspension of the blockade. The announcement, released around 7 pm, immediately raised a fuss with the no green passes as protagonists, angry and disappointed for a protest that on the contrary should have continued at least until 20 October. Stefano Puzzer, the leader of the Clpt, who was present at the Varco this morning, was immediately targeted. Last night as a hero he risked becoming a traitor after the announcement and then later issued another statement specifying that “the garrison continues until October 20 and does not give up”. A note from which the phrase “from tomorrow we go back to work” has disappeared. There was no shortage of criticism on social media, including by Ugo Rossi, the 3V candidate (no vax) who presented himself for the first time in the current municipal elections and surprisingly exceeded 4% of the votes. The activity of the port, meanwhile, continues even if in a slowed way. In fact, from Gate 4, officially never blocked, trucks no longer pass, diverted to Gate 1.

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