alarming numbers, Italy overwhelmed by a new wave? – Free Daily

alarming numbers, Italy overwhelmed by a new wave? – Free Daily
alarming numbers, Italy overwhelmed by a new wave? – Free Daily

“The pandemic is not over,” he warns Walter Ricciardi. Consequently, “our state of emergency can gradually be attenuated. We are, however surrounded by countries, both European, with data all’Est dramatic, not to mention the rest of the world, first and foremost USA, where there are gruesome numbers. And we’ll get out of it when everyone in the world gets vaccinated. “

In an interview with The Republic the full professor of Hygiene at Cattolica and advisor to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza talks about the risk of seeing cases grow in Italy too: “Presumably, cases will rise a bit in Italy too because there is an important susceptibility pool”, he explains, “we are talking about millions of inhabitants and we have a contagious variant. However, it will not be a problem for the health system to deal with any increase in requests for assistance “.

Surely, adds Ricciardi, with 90% of the first doses administered, the state of emergency will be attenuated, “that percentage will put us in a condition of greater serenity. It is not enough to eradicate the coronavirus because the children are not yet involved in the campaign but will still make an extraordinary contribution to safety. Already now the problem is becoming individual and not collective, the health system is not under pressure. So 90% is fine but when children can also be vaccinated we will have to maintain the same coverage on the total population “.

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alarming numbers Italy overwhelmed wave Free Daily

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