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Club Italia Crai, the debut in the league is disappointing: 3-0 for the Albese

Season debut stingy for the Club Italia CRAI which comes out defeated 3-0 (25-19, 25-22, 25-13) in the match with Tecnoteam Albese Volley Como. The match, valid as the second day of Group B of the A2 Championship, saw the azzurrine protagonists of a fluctuating match against an opponent with more experience and greater continuity. For this match the Club Italia CRAI coach, Marco Mencarelli, has chosen the formation composed of Marconato, Adelusi, Nervini, Acciarri, Pelloia, Ituma and the free Ribechi. On the other side of the net, the coach Cristiano Mucciolo relied on the sextet formed by Zanotto, Veneriano, Oikonomidou, Pinto, Gallizioli, Cialfi and the free De Nardi.

Start contract for Club Italia CRAI, take advantage of it Albese leading to 4-1. The blue reaction is ready: the young players of the federal formation shorten the distance (6-4), equalize the score with an ace from Nervini and overtake with a winning attack signed by Acciarri (6-7). The two formations therefore proceed substantially point by point for a long stretch (13-13). It is Albese who breaks the inertia and pushes on the accelerator reaching +4 (18-14). The time out called by coach Mencarelli does not change the inertia and the home team extends again (22-16) and can close without worries in the first fraction (25-19). It is Club Italia that dictates the pace at the start of the second set (0-3), Albese manages to mend (6-6) but the azzurrine get back to +2 (7-9) and maintain the advantage (9-11) .

Albese finds a good order, impacts (11-11) and overtakes (13-11). The time out called by coach Mencarelli puts the blue players back in gear the break that is worth the new advantage (15-17). The time out called by coach Mucciolo allows the home team to reorganize their maneuver and mend the tear (17-17). In the final it is Albese who finds the right starting point to overtake (22-19) and close the second set in his favor (25-22). From the very first stages of the third fraction, the blue are struggling to stem the opponent’s maneuver and Albese can easily reach +5 (7-2). The time out called from the bench of Club Italia does not have the desired effect e Zanotto and companions can stretch again until you reach +10 (17-7). An advantage that the home team can administer without worries until the end of the set and match (25-13).

These are the words of coach Mencarelli: “Albese played a good game, we were a little below our possibilities in attack and a little messy on the block. These are some of our strengths and when a team like Club Italia fails, it struggles to find solutions and expedients that arise from experience. However, it is difficult to get out of a match like this, with a young and promising group like that of Club Italia, without having seen good things on the pitch. Good things have been seen frequently and in an encouraging way. We must certainly find more continuity, for a team with little experience discontinuity becomes a problem when you meet a team that does not make mistakes or does it very little.“. This is the match report:


ALBESE: Zanotto 10, Veneriano 5, Oikonomidou 10, Pinto 11, Gallizioli 9, Cialfi 5; De Nardi (L), Bocchino, Ghezzi (L). Ne: Lualdi, Scurzoni, Baldi, Mocellin, Nardo. Herdsman Mucciolo.

CLUB ITALIA CRAI: Marconato 7, Adelusi 11, Nervini 6, Acciarri 10, Pelloia 3, Ituma 8; Ribechi (L), Giuliani 1, Vighetto, Esposito. Ne: Passaro, Despaigne, Barbero (L), Nwokoye. Herds Mencarelli.

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