cast, plot and episodes of the new fiction

cast, plot and episodes of the new fiction
cast, plot and episodes of the new fiction

It is called Hearts the new Rai fiction with Daniele Pecci, Matteo Martari and Pilar Fogliati. It is dedicated to the history of transplants and is set in Turin, in the late sixties. A co-production by Rai Fiction and Aurora TV for directed by Riccardo Donna (A doctor in the family, don’t tell my boss), i will goaired from Sunday 17 October, in prime time on Rai 1 and streaming on RaiPlay.

Hearts: the true story

The series is based on the season of fervor known from medicine in the late 1960s. Leaving behind the echoes of the Second World War, the optimistic feeling spreads of being able to change the world by defeating previously incurable diseases. The parable of cardiology of all it is the most significant, in a decade in which it was discovered the functioning of an organ that has long remained a mystery.

Then, just like today, doctors became real stars chased by magazines. Come Christian Barnard, a South African surgeon who performed the world’s first heart transplant in 1967. His is a success that inherits years of research and scientific advancements. At the Molinette in Turin, Achille Mario Dogliotti he was the first to perfect, also thanks to the support of Fiat, the functioning of the heart-lung machine for extracorporeal circulation. Angelo Actis Dato, his pupil, deposited with engineer Roberto Bosio one of the world’s first artificial heart patents.

The location of Hearts

It is these legendary characters, their ideals and their passion for medical science that inspired the fiction Hearts. Tell the power struggles, the emergencies nocturnal, the events amorous and the friendships found again, the little private stories that intertwine around a new page in the history of medicine. The series was mainly made in Lumiq theaters, in Turin. Here all the rooms of the Molinette have been reconstructed on an area of ​​200 square meters, from the atrium to the wards to the operating theaters, up to the panoramic dome, the scene of some of the most evocative scenes.

Around the protagonists, there are the nuns who manage the department and pray that everything goes for the best. There are the nurses busy in the long wards, who sometimes fall in love with doctors. And there are patients, who are looking for distractions from the monotony of hospitalization entertaining himself with personal stories and compelling gossip readings.

Cast and episodes

Daniele Pecci is Cesare Corvara, founder of the first Italian department of cardiac surgery, at the Molinette of Turin. He stubbornly pursues an apparently unattainable goal: replace a sick heart with a new heart. It supports him Matteo Martari in the role of Alberto Ferraris, a young and talented cardiac surgeon who cultivates the great dream of transplantation together with his teacher. Marked by the untimely death of his father, Alberto feels invested with the task to defeat death, to force more and more the limit.

Pilar Fogliati plays the role of Delia Brunello, brilliant cardiologist wanted by Corvara. She has perfect pitch and out of the ordinary diagnostic skills. Back from Houston, home of cardiology and heart surgery, it fights the prejudices of an eminently masculine environment. Andrea Gherpelli is Enrico Mosca, chief surgeon at the hospital. Extremely trained doctor with humble origins and great ambitions, dreams of taking the place of the head physician. In the cast, among others, there are also Marco Bonini, Neva Leoni, Bianca Panconi, Carola Stagnaro, Carmine Buschini, Laura Adriani.

The plot of the first episode

Cesare Corvara, head of the Molinette hospital, gathers a formidable team in Turin to create the first heart transplant in history. Alberto leaves Stockholm to join the team. For the same reason, Delia embarks from Houston on a plane bound for Turin. In the hospital Alberto and Delia, who had been betrothed six years earlier, meet again. It is perhaps the sign of a new possibility given to them by fate, a possibility that gives Alberto hope but that will soon force him to collide with the reality of things.

The plot of the second episode

The Delia’s first day at work turns into a nightmare. Patients don’t want to know about being examined by a woman, colleagues look at her with suspicion. Alberto is hostile, a newly hospitalized young bride refuses to believe her diagnosis. Also for Virginia it’s the first day in the hospital.

He has to start an internship wanted by his father, Cesare Corvara, while she does everything to rebel against the fate that has been sewn on her. Meanwhile, Corvara is forced to defend the choice that he wanted a female cardiologist in the hospital. Until Delia’s diagnosis of the young bride turns out to be correct. After the surgery, Alberto tells her about his father’s death, which took place when he was just a boy. Moved, Delia attempts a gesture of reconciliation, giving rise to a misunderstanding.

How many bets are there?

The series, produced in collaboration with the Rai TV Production Center in Turin, consists of sixteen episodes lasting fifty minutes. They will go on air every Sunday in the early evening. The appointment with the first two episodes of Hearts is for October 17, Everyone 21:25 on Rai 1 and streaming on RaiPlay.


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