Ballot, turnout down to 26.71%. Rome voted less than 26% of the voters

Ballot, turnout down to 26.71%. Rome voted less than 26% of the voters
Ballot, turnout down to 26.71%. Rome voted less than 26% of the voters

Today we return to vote for the ballots in cities where the mayor was not elected in the first round two weeks ago, including Rome, Latina, Turin and Trieste. He was born in 26,71% the turnout at ore 19 for the ballot round in the 63 Municipalities called to vote (the data released by the Interior Ministry does not take into account the municipalities in progress in Friuli Venezia Giulia). In the first round at the same time, 31.65% had voted. So the turnout is further down compared to the first round, two weeks ago, by about 5 percentage points.

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There are five million voters called to the polls today and tomorrow: 65, the cities that have to renew mayors and municipal councils. The polls are open until 11pm, and again tomorrow from 7am to 3pm.

Update on the turnout in Rome and in the other capitals

Roma – At 7 pm, 25.28% voted for the ballot in Rome. In the first round the turnout at the same time was 29.50%. The data arrived after almost an hour. In Latina, 32.83% voted in the ballot; 37.27% went to vote two weeks ago

Torino – In the first twelve hours of polling in Turin one voter out of 4 voted. The figure at 7 pm is 25%, more than 4 percentage points less than in the first round (29.29%).

Trieste – The Regional Electoral Service communicated the turnout percentages recorded at 19.00 for the run-offs of the municipal elections. In Trieste, out of a total of 184,489 voters 48,836 voted, equal to 26 percent.

Caserta – turnout almost halved: at 12 noon 8.75% of voters voted (highest in the first round: 15.12%)

Benevento – at 12 noon 10.40% of those entitled voted (13.97% in the first round)

Varese – stable turnout: at 12 noon 12.47% of voters voted (12.55% in the first round)

Savona – at 12 noon 13.14% of voters voted (16.19% in the first round)

Cosenza – at 12 noon 8.89% of voters voted (13.89% in the first round)

Live ballot

13.02 Attendance also decreasing in Emilia Romagna. Overall, according to the first figures at 12 noon, almost 12% of those entitled (11.98%) voted in the region compared to 13.85% in the first round. In Cento (Ferrara) 11.87% of the voters voted (it was 13.95% in the first round). In the Modena area, 12.50% (versus 14.89%) voted in Finale Emilia and 12.48% in Pavullo nel Frignano (compared to 14.48%). In Cattolica (Rimini) 11.25% voted (against 12.12%).

12.27 in Rome hyear the two challengers voted on the ballot Enrico Michetti and Roberto Gualtieri. For both, the seat was in Monteverde, albeit in two different schools. The center-right candidate Michetti, in jeans, jacket and black mask, voted at the polling station in via Giovanni De Calvi and, to reporters who asked him for a joke, he replied “there is silence, I do not speak”. Gualtieri, a sleeveless down jacket over the jacket and a traditional blue and white surgical mask, instead voted at the 1427 seat of the Federico Caffè institute in via Fonteiana 111. Some photos for him too but no statements. Roberto Gualtieri voted around 11.30. Arriving at the polling station, the center-left candidate for mayor of Rome received signs of encouragement and requests for selfies from many citizens.

11.53 am Turin «Today is certainly a very important day for Turin and obviously it is also for me, I don’t deny a bit of emotion, and we really hope for an important turnout, that the Turinese come to vote and choose the best for the city». Thus the mayoral candidate of Turin for the center left, Stefano Lo Russo, on leaving the polling station. «Turin needs pacification, to have people who work with a view to building the common good “, he added emphasizing” in these 15 days we have carried out an electoral campaign in continuity with the first round, a listening campaign, which spoke to problems of the city, a style that can also represent the style of government for the next few years»he concluded.

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