Anna Tatangelo desperate for Gigi D’Alessio: his sister speaks

The end of the love story between Anna Tatangelo and Gigi d’Alessio was very painful. The singer had already said she needed psychological support to react and, now, her sister also wanted to reveal some details of those days, in which Anna Tatangelo had lost her smile.

When is the love story between Anna Tatangelo e Gigi D’Alessio it has certainly created a great void in the lives of both. In particular, it was the singer who told how the end of his marriage, from which a son, Andrea was also born, was a very difficult and painful moment to overcome.

“The hardest moment was when my son was crying because he did not accept it ”, confessed Anna Tatangelo in a recent interview. To confirm how those weeks were very painful for the singer was also there sister Silvia, who, to the weekly DiPiù, revealed some details that had not yet emerged.

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Anna Tatangelo: the sister tells the pain for Gigi

Silvia Tatangelo confessed that Anna’s desire has always been to be able to retrieve the relationship with Gigi D’Alessio. That’s why, after the final breakup, it was really difficult for the singer to accept the end of the marriage:

“I saw my sister cry desperately when they broke up for the last time ”.

Anna Tatangelo’s sister then said that only when it became known that Gigi D’Alessio had started a new relationship, then the singer also became aware of being able to start a new life. Also formalize the link with the rapper Livio Cori it wasn’t easy. Anna Tatangelo she preferred to wait as long as necessary before going out with her new boyfriend.

Silvia Tatangelo, in fact, spoke of some insecurities of the sister about this relationship:

“At first he didn’t want to talk about it, not even with me. It is normal when you turn the page, as a mother, that fears and insecurities can trigger ”.


Anna Tatangelo desperate Gigi DAlessio sister speaks

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