Italian Cup, Tavagnacco yields to Pomigliano 3-1

Italian Cup, Tavagnacco yields to Pomigliano 3-1
Italian Cup, Tavagnacco yields to Pomigliano 3-1

First defeat of the season for Tavagnacco who lost 3-1 to Pomigliano in the Italian Cup. The Gialloblù team tried to resist an opponent of a higher category. It inevitably suffered, but the girls managed to equalize the match twenty minutes before the end, however in the final the guests found the two decisive episodes.

Mister Rossi chooses to maintain the usual attacking lineup, but the team’s center of gravity is lower by virtue of the quality of those in front of him. There is Milan and not Grosso from the first minute in the trocar and as central defense Sciberras starts in place of Rossi paired with Veritti. Teams that tend to study each other in the first minutes of the game with low rhythms and defenses that prevail over their respective attacks. The bells create the first goal chance in the 17th minute with Moraca serving Ferrario whose right foot is rejected by a nice intervention by Beretta with his foot. The ex of the Puglisi race is the protagonist of the second conclusion towards the goal of Tavagnacco, but the real danger comes in the 20 ‘when Veritti saves on the line a lob from Moraca who had overtaken Beretta. The latter is overcome shortly after on a close shot by Ippolito taking refuge in a corner kick. The Friulian coach preaches calm to his girls who suffer from the high pressure of Pomigliano who takes the field. The counterattack weapon remains for the Gialloblù, but Ejangue is able to anticipate Milan in speed, which in the meantime reverses the range of competence with Abouziane. At 40 ‘Tudisco is injured and Maria Banusic enters in her place, who in the first minute of recovery invents a great left-footed player on which there is nothing to do: 0-1.

Pomigliano deserves the advantage for what was shown in the first part of the game, however the regret of not having closed the first half in a tie remains as it would have been enough to resist another lap of the clock. In the second half Tavagnacco changes immediately: Devoto for Kongouli and Martinelli takes over Devoto; this involves the move of Sciberras to midfield. Beretta is called into question in the 50th minute after Ippolito’s header in an inactive ball situation. Five minutes later, on the opposite side, Devoto’s cross finds Abouziane who ends in precarious balance in the area, the shot is dampened by Varriale and the Russian goalkeeper blocks. The match is more balanced than in the first half and the Gialloblù show themselves forward. Ferin is anticipated by a whisker in the 57th minute on a cross from the lively Devoto. At 71 ‘sudden acceleration of Donda who crosses, Russo does not hold back and from a tight angle Zineb Abouziane is very good at hitting the big target: 1-1. The goal galvanizes Rossi’s girls who even try to find the net of the advantage, but a few minutes from the end it is another shot from outside the area to reward Pomigliano. Giulia Ferrandi takes care of it with a power left to fish for the high corner: 1-2. A couple of minutes later Banusic closes the sub-measure with the left of 1-3.

Tavagnacco in this competition will return to the field on Sunday 20 November against Roma.

TAVAGNACCO. Beretta, Toomey, Sciberras, Veritti, Donda (38 ‘st Pinatti), Caneo, Tuttino (1’ st Martinelli), Milan (20 ‘st Grosso), Kongouli (1’ st Devoto), Abouziane (30 ‘st Gianesin), Ferin. Coach: Rossi. Available: Rossi, Stella, Zuliani.
POMIGLIANO. Russo, Ejangue, Varriale, Luik, Fusini, Tudisco (40 ‘pt Banusic), Puglisi, Ferrandi, Moraca (16’ st Rinaldi), Ippolito (43 ‘st Massa), Ferrario (16’ st Vaitukaityte). Coach: Panic. Available: Cetinja, Panzeri, Capparelli, Cox.
Scorers: 46 ‘Banusic, in the second half at 26’ Abouziane, at 38 ‘st Ferrandi, at 42’ Banusic.
Note: Referee: Duzel (Castelfranco Veneto section), Booked: Abouziane. Stoppage time: 2 ‘and 3’.

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