Luminosity, the record-breaking Benetti hybrid gigayacht: 107 meters!

Luminosity, the record-breaking Benetti hybrid gigayacht: 107 meters!
Luminosity, the record-breaking Benetti hybrid gigayacht: 107 meters!

It is the largest boat in the world that can use the electric part for up to 12 consecutive hours. A technical and design jewel

Twenty years ago, it was considered “fantanautica” to tell about twenty years ago that a 107-meter-long yacht (today definable as a gigayacht) could have a hybrid engine, capable of sailing for hours without polluting. Benetti – one of the pride of our shipbuilding – has succeeded in the enterprise. Luminosity is a milestone in the commitment in which the Viareggio shipyard has been measured for over 15 years, starting with the 65-meter Ambrosia, the first application in the yachting field of a diesel-electric system (2006), then continuing in 2016 with the 90-meter Lionheart (diesel electric with shaft line) and with the almost twins in length Lana and Luminosity, which represents the largest ‘hybrid’ ever made in the world of pleasure yachts. No wonder it has already won many awards, starting with the Design & Innovation Awards 2021 of the ‘bible’ Boat International for the Outstanding Lifestyle Feature, thanks to its Beach Club, one of the most sought after areas in the latest generation of yachts. The area, thanks to two flap doors, is practically in the sea, equipped with a spa, gym, wellness center with sauna and turkish bath and a 30 sqm swimming pool that can be transformed into a dance floor, raising the level of the bottom and obviously removing the water inside.

glass palace

Luminosity stands out on the sea as if it were a real floating glass building, whose exteriors were designed by the owner himself in collaboration with Hugo van Wieringen of Azure Naval Architects and, subsequently, with the assistance of the Reymond studio. Langton Design and by Zaniz Jakubowski. In the post-contract phase, the external lines were made definitive thanks to the collaboration with the designer Giorgio M. Cassetta. As the name of the gigayacht FB272 M / Y Luminosity suggests, one of the key concepts is brightness on board. There are over 800 square meters of external glass that surround the main decks, with windows three meters high. The interiors, designed by Zaniz Jakubowski Design, are therefore flooded with light and the views are simply extraordinary. The helm station is located on the bridge deck, while on the sun deck is the helicopter platform capable of accommodating a Bell 429, equipped with a refueling system. This deck is designed as a flexible space, and is currently set up to accommodate two cars, including a Rolls Royce Phantom, as well as a 24 ‘sailboat and two motorcycles.

the challenge of the hybrid

From a technical point of view, the masterpiece is represented by the generation / propulsion package, consisting of six diesel generators of about 1,000 kW each, whose electricity produced is managed by a sophisticated fully integrated system to feed the consumption of on-board services and engines. of two Azipods of 2,200 kW each. The Azipod is the system that integrates an electric propeller, the propeller and the rudder in a single container, making them rotate by 180 degrees. The reserve electricity is used to charge 36 tons of batteries. The energy generated by the diesels and stored in the accumulators can be used to cover sections sailing with zero emissions (allowing, for example, to access a marine park), to navigate in hybrid mode where the electrical apparatus contributes to supplying power to the conventional engine. , stay at anchor with the yacht efficient even with the engines and generators off, because the energy needs are fully satisfied by the batteries. In the case of Luminosity, we are at record levels: the energy ‘tank’ holds up to 12 hours, without the need to start the generators, so you can sail with zero emissions and without the slightest vibration on board, to the delight of the owner and guests. This advanced propulsion package was created by big names such as Caterpillar, Seastema, ABB, under the coordination of the Benetti Technical Department.

incredible luxury

Twelve cabins, a conference room, a mini-hospital, a 370 m2 interactive visual panel that extends along the height of the stairwell of the main atrium and the aforementioned beach club: just some of the peculiarities of Luminosity. We are at unimaginable levels of luxury and customization, so much so that it makes no sense to make a lucid calculation on how much it cost the owner. For sure, you will be able to enjoy a suite featuring a corridor decorated with ten different types of marble. The cabin itself is embellished with granite details, as well as various features such as the owner’s bed which is able to electrically lift 80 cm allowing you to enjoy the surrounding view to the fullest. A virtual window has been designed behind the head of the bed, from where you can observe the glimpses visible from the bow of the yacht through a hidden camera. And the three-meter-high windows live up to the name assigned to the Benetti gigayacht. But, we repeat, this is only a small part of what’s on board …

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Luminosity recordbreaking Benetti hybrid gigayacht meters

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