Unleash ambitions 5S: Conte dreams of being minister or leader of the Chamber

Unleash ambitions 5S: Conte dreams of being minister or leader of the Chamber
Unleash ambitions 5S: Conte dreams of being minister or leader of the Chamber

Take control of the M5s, return to government or sit in the opposition seat of prestige as Speaker of the House. While the pentastellati are fighting for a place in the sun in the political secretariat of the former Italian people’s lawyer, he, Giuseppe Conte, takes time on the appointments and looks forward with ambition. The law professor started knocking on all doors. The horizon, they blurt out on the upper floors of the Movement, is always the same. The spring of 2022, when the Five Star leader would like to go to the early vote. The former premier is looking for banks and continues to focus on the name of Mario Draghi at the Quirinale. A scenario that would facilitate the option of political elections one year after the natural expiry of the legislature. The re-founder Grillino weaves the web of the “party of the vote”. From an internal point of view, it does so because it has realized that it is unable to govern the star-rated parliamentary groups. A very numerous troop, the result of the political boom of 2018. Formed by a thinning Contian patrol, by a hard core of about a third of deputies and senators loyal to Luigi Di Maio and by a vast gray area of ​​peons reluctant to pay refunds and eager to get the ticket for the board of parliamentary. Early elections would allow Conte to make lists from the position of leader. “He will insert many outsiders fished out of the M5s”, reflect the most experienced parliamentarians. A clean-up to be developed in a relatively short time, before the dualism with Virginia Raggi and the doubts of Beppe Grillo wear down his already vacillating leadership.

The temptation to vote in 2022 is not only linked to internal reasons. Volturara Appula’s lawyer is ambitious and wants to carve out a leading institutional role in the next legislature. A game of banks to go to elections would open passageways for him to return to the palaces that matter. And here are the contacts «with Enrico Letta’s emissaries» and the meetings with men close to Matteo Salvini. Let’s start with the Pd. Conte wants to exploit Letta’s desire to control his party through the composition of the political lists. In addition to this, he is convinced that the long wave of administrative results could push the secretary towards the polls. Thanks to the decline in the consensus of the M5s, Conte put aside the dream of returning to Palazzo Chigi as a federator. Now President Grillino is hoping for a post as minister in a possible government led by the Democratic Party.

From the Nazarene you get to the Carroccio. Even Salvini – they reason in the M5s – has good reasons to compete with the voters. And the attrition of the League Captain in the majority with Draghi could be another card in Conte’s deck. Hence the contacts with the Salvinians for the Quirinale match and the early vote. So the most probable scenario of the previous one: a victory of the center-right. “Conte would prefer to go to the opposition and aim to be president of the Chamber rather than counting for nothing in this government,” malign some pentastellati. If this last dream were to come true, the old practice of assigning a role of guarantee as the third position of the state to an opposition member would come back into vogue. The only flaw: Conte should leave the leadership of the M5s. But, once the parliamentary group is filled with contiani, that would be the least of the problems.


Unleash ambitions Conte dreams minister leader Chamber

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