24 arrests and 3 complaints in a few days

Dealers under siege. The operation does not bear this name, but the intent of the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Rome is clear: checks and blitzes in the nightlife areas and in the well-known drug dealing squares of the Roman suburbs to make drug dealers feel their breath on the neck. In a few days there are 24 people arrested – 11 Italian citizens and 13 foreigners – and 3 reported on the loose.

The arrests were carried out in the historic center, in the areas adjacent to the Termini station, in the districts of San Basilio, Centocelle, Eur, Tor Bella Monaca, Tor Vergata and Tuscolano.

The Carabinieri seized a total of 1 kilo of drugs divided into thousands of doses, including cocaine, heroin, marijuana, shaboo and hashish, and over 4,200 euros in cash, deemed to be the proceeds of the sale.

In particular, the Carabinieri of the Operational Unit of the Compagnia Roma Centro arrested a 39-year-old from the Philippines who, after being stopped for a check while wandering suspiciously in via delle Catacombe di Generosa, was found in possession of 10 g of shaboo and 120 euros in cash. The Carabinieri found the drug hidden inside a candy package, wrapped in a mask, that the man had in his jacket pocket.

The Carabinieri of the Roma Torrino Nord Station, on the other hand, after identifying the house, in via degli Orti della Farnesina, of a 31-year-old originally from Turin but residing in the capital, already known for previous crimes, decided to carry out a search inside . In the man’s home, the Carabinieri found 6 doses of hashish, 85 cigarettes modified to contain doses of marijuana, and 1,500 euros in small-denomination banknotes deemed to be the proceeds of the illicit activity.

With several cigarettes containing hashish, the Carabinieri of the Roma Bravetta station also found a 28-year-old Roman who at their sight tried to get rid of them by throwing them under a parked car in via di Bravetta. When the Carabinieri approached to check him, the man tried to hit them with kicks and punches in order to escape, but was immediately blocked and arrested. The subsequent search of his home led to the discovery and seizure of 9 seeds of narcotic substance of the marijuana type, 5 fragments of hashish, a cellophane sachet containing dozens of doses of marijuana, a precision slingbar and various materials useful for the packaging of the drug.

Finally, the Carabinieri of the Rome Tor Bella Monaca station arrested an 18-year-old Roman student, who was surprised in front of a garage, near a well-known dealing square in via dell’Archeologia, in possession of 43 doses of cocaine and 80 euros in cash. . A careful inspection by the Carabinieri made it possible to find another 66 doses of cocaine inside a cavity of the garage.

During all the operations, the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Rome identified 77 people and carried out checks on 33 vehicles, also reporting numerous buyers to the Territorial Office of the Rome Government, as drug users.

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