Milanesiana, to Franco Parenti tribute to László: on the piano Ballista and Canino

Milanesiana, to Franco Parenti tribute to László: on the piano Ballista and Canino
Milanesiana, to Franco Parenti tribute to László: on the piano Ballista and Canino

Milan – Candidate twice for the Nobel Peace Prize, Ervin László is the great protagonist of the appointment of Milanesiana tomorrow night at Franco Parenti. Writer, philosopher and theorist, the former Hungarian pianist talks about himself in the pages of “My journey. A life in search of the meaning of life “, the volume that the curator of the review Elisabetta Sgarbi thought of integrate with a face to face between the author and the entrepreneur Riccardo Illy on the theme “Lives and systems”, and then close the evening with a concert by the piano duo Antonio Ballista and Bruno Canino.

Ballista, László says that his new book is about the many reincarnations on the journey of his life. Is existence made up of revolving doors?
“Existence is complicated because we are free and at the same time conditioned. In my opinion, László’s brilliant hypothesis is that our decisions are unconscious, as they are formed just before the moment we make them.”

What tribute have you prepared?
“With Canino we will perform four-handed compositions drawn from the musical heritage of what I consider the two greatest Hungarian musicians of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: Franz Liszt and György Ligeti”.

A tribute in the name of discovery?
“Yes, Liszt and Ligeti are two countrymen of László and represent a bit of his cultural background, even if the choice for the evening of a rather unusual repertoire means that some compositions will be able to sound totally new to him”.

Sixty years of partnership with Canino are many.
“We started at the Conservatory, here in Milan, where we attended the same chamber music class. Maestro Antonio Beltrami put us together and we never separated. I don’t think there is a piano duo in the world with so many years of collaboration behind them. “.

His latest album “Short cuts” collects short compositions of classical music by 50 different authors.
“The first album focused on the music of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the second of the twentieth century. Since for me the gender difference exists in encyclopedias, my next project is titled ‘Magical Mystery Tour – Bach to Beatles’ and connects two eras through the music of two extraordinary musical phenomena. I will present it on November 6 at the Waldensian Church in via Sforza with the introduction of the musicologist Alberto Batisti “.

In the popular song, Battiato is one of the few to have united the two worlds.
“It is no coincidence that we met. With him I was lucky enough to be able to share projects such as ‘Gilgamesh’ and the ‘Archaic Mass’. We share a passion for esotericism. It was I who introduced him to the books of the Russian philosopher Ouspensky on Georges Gurdjieff, a study which we then deepened with a pupil of the great Armenian mystic, Henri Thomasson. For both of them it was a great enrichment “.

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