on Felipe Anderson’s goal and the two penalties no mistake

From a regulatory point of view, the action that scored Lazio-Inter – that of the 2-1 goal – is perfectly regular and honestly little, specifically, can be attributed to the international. Radio (vote 6). The referee from Pistoia directs well, perhaps on the occasion of the brawl he does not show the same severity he had at the end of the match with Luiz Felipe, but the two penalties are both there. It ends with one red, nine yellows and 25 whistled fouls.

First penalty

Hysaj on Barella, contact with Barella who, dragging his right foot a little, ends up on the ground. But precisely that contact has a double effect: it allows Irrati to whistle the penalty (which is there) and the VAR (Mazzoleni) to limit himself to a silent check.

Second penalty

Patric’s header, in front of him Bastoni has his left arm at his side (even if it is in elevation) but the wide right one bent from the elbow forward, where the ball ends up. Correct penalty.

The fight

Contact between Leiva and Dimarco on which Irrati, before evaluating the foulness, assigns the advantage, since the ball goes to Lautaro who plays the ball two / three times and then shoots towards Reina. Dimarco remains on the ground, Lazio restarts and scores 2-1, unleashing a colossal brawl. Irrati has only one fault: not having extracted at least a couple of reds. On the man on the ground, however, he applied the regulation: Dimarco does not remain on the ground due to a blow to the head or a serious injury.


Mazzoleni (vote 6). Certifier of what happens in the field.

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Lazio-Inter, brawl on the pitch with Felipe Anderson’s goal!


Felipe Andersons goal penalties mistake

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