Liberalize vaccine patents

Liberalize vaccine patents
Liberalize vaccine patents

The latest news in real time on Covid in Italy and in the world, updates on Green Pass and vaccines today, Sunday 17 October 2021. For two days, compulsory green pass in the workplace, sit-ins and protests in many cities between Trieste in Genoa but few inconveniences. Unions demonstration yesterday after the assault on the CGIL headquarters during last week’s protests; riots in Milan, false bomb alarm in a vaccination center in Perugia. In the latest bulletin 2,983 new infections and 14 deaths from Covid-19. Ricciardi: “With 90% of vaccinated people it will be possible to mitigate the state of emergency”. Pope Francis: “I want to ask everyone in the name of God. To the big laboratories, that they liberalize patents. Make a gesture of humanity and allow every country, every people, every human being, to have access to the vaccine”. The United States threw 15 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine in the trash.

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The green pass pushes vaccinations: in the last two days a boom in first doses

Has the introduction of the green pass obligation in the workplace increased the vaccine doses administered to the population? The answer is yes: on Thursday 14 October and Friday 15 the first doses administered were respectively 73 thousand and 69 thousand, with an increase of 10 thousand units compared to the previous week.

United Kingdom, over 40 thousand new infections for the fourth consecutive day

In the United Kingdom yesterday, over 40 thousand cases of coronavirus were recorded for the fourth consecutive day: this is what emerges from the data of the National Statistics Office, reports the Independent, according to which the infections have been constantly increasing since the beginning of October. In the past 24 hours, infections totaled 43,423, down slightly from last Thursday’s 45,066, the highest level since July.

The United States threw 15 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine in the trash

From March to September, the United States threw 15 million doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 while in most of the world the immunization campaign is still at very low levels due to the lack of drugs. This is what emerged from an analysis by the US CDCs.

Berlusconi: “Free tampons only for those who cannot get vaccinated”

“I hear about free tampons for those who are not vaccinated. I totally agree, but only if they concern those who cannot be vaccinated, for health reasons. I do not see why the choice of those who do not want to vaccinate, even if they can, should be paid by the community, by the many who instead have been vaccinated, overcoming understandable fears and some physical discomfort in the interest of all “. So Silvio Berlusconi in an interview with the Libero newspaper.

In Italy, over 570 thousand third doses of the vaccine have been administered

In Italy, 87,479,306 doses of vaccine have been administered, 87.7% of the total of those delivered, amounting to 99,708,104 so far (in detail 71,089,179 Pfizer / BioNTech, 15,230,614 Moderna, 11,543,488 Vaxzevria- AstraZeneca and 1,844,823 Janssen). The people who received the third dose are 570,330, 7.53% of the population subject to the additional dose / booster. This is what we read in the report of the extraordinary commissioner for the health emergency updated at 6.11 today.

Ricciardi: “With 90% of vaccinated people it will be possible to mitigate the state of emergency”

“With 90% of people vaccinated with the first dose, the state of emergency will be mitigated”. This is said by Walter Ricciardi, professor of Hygiene at Cattolica, scientific director of Maugeri of Pavia and consultant to Health Minister Roberto Speranza, in an interview with la Repubblica. “Surely that percentage will put us in a condition of greater serenity. It is not enough to eradicate the coronavirus because the children are not yet involved in the campaign but in any case it will make an extraordinary contribution to safety”, says the expert, adding that “90% okay but when children can also be vaccinated we will have to maintain the same coverage on the total population “. “Let’s say – he added – that we are at least moving towards a security situation, even if the pandemic is not over. So our state of emergency can gradually be mitigated. However, we are surrounded by countries, both European, with data ‘Est dramatic, not to mention the rest of the world, primarily the US, where there are gruesome numbers. And we will get out of it when everyone in the world is vaccinated “.

The latest news on Coronavirus Covid-19 today, Sunday 17 October

In yesterday’s bulletin, 2,983 new cases of Covid-19 were recorded in Italy and 14 deaths. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the total number of infections has been 4,715,464 while the total deaths since the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency in Italy are 131,517. On the last day, 472,535 tests were performed, including molecular and antigenic swabs, with the positivity rate of 0.6%. The currently positives drop to 78,071 (-451). The total healed are 4,505,876 (+3,419). This is the situation region by region:

  • Lombardy: +432
  • Veneto: +398
  • Campania: +340
  • Emilia-Romagna: +240
  • Lazio: +222
  • Piedmont: +214
  • Sicily: +266
  • Tuscany: + 212
  • Puglia: + 134
  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia: + 123
  • Walking: + 23
  • Liguria: +64
  • Abruzzo: +26
  • Calabria: +69
  • P.A. Bolzano: +101
  • Sardinia: +22
  • Umbria: + 32
  • P.A. Trento: +29
  • Basilicata: + 16
  • Molise: + 3
  • Aosta Valley: + 7

Worldwide 240,417,380 infections and 4,894,969 deaths. The vaccines administered are 6,609,365,535, mostly in the richest nations.


Liberalize vaccine patents

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