Case Striscia la Notizia, the Golden Tapir in dispute with the lawyers of Ambra Angiolini – Il Tempo

Case Striscia la Notizia, the Golden Tapir in dispute with the lawyers of Ambra Angiolini – Il Tempo
Case Striscia la Notizia, the Golden Tapir in dispute with the lawyers of Ambra Angiolini – Il Tempo

Giorgia Peretti

October 16, 2021

The controversy surrounding Striscia la Notizia and Ambra Angiolini shows no sign of abating. In recent days, the actress was joined by Valerio Staffelli for the delivery of the “Tapiro d’Oro” after the news of the break with Massimiliano Allegri. The curtain caused a huge media fuss. To raise the question was Ambra’s daughter, Jolanda, had by the singer Francesco Renga, with a post on social media. In fact, there was talk of male chauvinism because given the causes of the breakup (it seems a betrayal by the Juventus coach, ed.) No one thought of referring to Allegri for what happened. Striscia la Notizia had already clarified its position on the matter. The broadcast underlined how the delivery of the Tapir had already been made to many other colleagues and colleagues of Ambra for the same reason. The controversy, however, seems to be taking on a more serious character.

In fact, it seems that the ex of Non è la Rai has decided to proceed by legal means after the delivery of the “prize” by the production. The indiscretion appeared in the Corriere della Sera, in the light of the cancellation of Ambra’s participation in the Turin Book Fair. With a press release published on Saturday 16 October, the lawyers of Angiolini “Valeria De Vellis and Daniela Missaglia, in the name and in the interest of Ambra Angiolini,” reserve the right to evaluate every best initiative to protect their client in consideration of the illegitimate interference and consequent spectacularization of a private and painful affair by Mr. Valerio Staffelli ”. The lawyers would also contest the “Communiqué of the Golden Tapir” in response to Minister Elena Bonetti, especially where it is stated that “Mrs. Ambra Angiolini was in agreement”.

After the publication of the legal note, the response of the Golden Tapir was not long in coming and, once again, he wanted to reiterate his position: “I limited myself to telling what is visible to all in the video published on our site, proof of any denial. The desire to transform the episode into a soap opera is evident ”. The yellow around this story seems to be enriched by what was reported by the broadcast, in a press release issued the day before. In the afternoon, just before the service aired, when the post of Ambra Angiolini’s daughter, Jolanda, came out, “to Staffelli, who had contacted her to ask for explanations, Ambra replied:” Oh my God, what did my daughter!”. In short, the position of Francesco Renga’s ex-wife, according to what was leaked, would later change.

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