Ballottaggi, the game of leaders to test the vote-

Ballottaggi, the game of leaders to test the vote-
Ballottaggi, the game of leaders to test the vote-
from Roberto Gressi

Enrico Letta and the “false friends”, Giuseppe Conte and the turmoil of the 5 Stars, Matteo Salvini and the new warhorses, Giorgia Meloni and the accounts with the past, Silvio Berlusconi and the hypothesis of mixing up after the Politics

Enrico Letta – He could collect a full loot but he must beware of “false friends”

He has already won in the first round in Milan, Bologna and Naples. If it were to prevail in the second round also in Rome and Turin, who would be better off than Enrico Letta? But the leader who has returned from exile in Paris risks more precisely on the front of false friends. In English, false friends are those words that seem to have a meaning and instead mean something else. In politics, and in anticipation of the elections, they are represented by the reading of a result that may seem unambiguous but is not. In the first round, the voters were few, in the second round it is likely that there will be fewer. Center-right candidates have proved fragile, with rare exceptions. But what if at Politics you go to the ring thinking of finding Primo Carnera, the clay giant symbol of the fascist regime, humiliated by Max Baer in 1934, and then Mike Tyson appears, perhaps crude but deadly? Then the alliances were risky. The divisions in the Five Stars make the horizon at least uncertain. As for the false friends in flesh and blood, Enrico Letta, within his party, is spoiled for choice.

Giuseppe Conte – The desperate need to strike a beat while keeping the 5 Star ferments at bay

Giuseppe Conte desperately needs to strike a shot. The idea of ​​returning to the scene with the strength of the consensus gained as an anti-pandemic premier has been shattered. First in the violent and cloying tug-of-war with Beppe Grillo, now with an Italy he no longer remembers, he goes on and overtakes him. Reversing the decline of the Five Stars is like trying to stop the runaway Chernobyl reactor, and he risks finding himself alone, with his companions in the Movement sitting on the river bank. The pragmatism of the former prime minister is perhaps the last lifeline for the rulers of the 2018 elections. But the deck of a party is far more unstable than the already unstable one of the government. The split is always lurking, Virginia Raggi has sworn it to him, the poet Grillo does not forgive the assault in a moment that is not easy even from a personal point of view. Luigi Di Maio is at the gates, By Battista
just outside. Perhaps Giuseppe Conte was wrong not to throw his paw immediately when it was time, as soon as he was ousted from Palazzo Chigi, immediately forming his own party.

Matteo Salvini – Beast already in the archive, he knows that to win he must change the battle horses

Matteo Salvini, the center forward who runs in circles but is the one who can always score. Giancarlo Giorgetti, the man who knows how to sit at the table and does not mistake the cutlery. Luca Zaia, the governor who collaborates until they contradict him. The Captain struggling with a formidable attack trio, which however forces him to sleep little and with only one eye. As if that were not enough Giorgia Meloni. It is with her that leadership in politics will be played out. He risks a lot, focuses on Turin in the ballot even if Giorgetti has chosen the candidate there, hopes for the reconquest of Varese. But in reality it already looks beyond. The choice to enter (and remain) in the Draghi government penalizes him in the polls compared to the Brothers of Italy, but at least opens the suspicious doors of Europe to him. He is convinced that in the end an extra vote is better, but it will not be only that which will make the difference. But he must find new workhorses, the Beast of social media had already had its day before the, in some ways obscure, story of Luca Morisi. Finding new ideas is always difficult, taking refuge in the old can be lethal.

Giorgia Meloni – She got many votes, the question is what to do about it. Will it be enough to declare oneself a stranger to fascism?

The votes are not lacking, the problem is what to do with them. Giorgia Meloni has almost brought her party to the top, but she risks being the heroine of fairy tales who chooses the golden sack of the opposition instead of the copper coins of the slippery challenge of the government at the game of three doors. Soon to say whether or not he was right, there are too many variables between now and the elections, first of all the choice of the new president of the Republic. Meanwhile, there are ballots and the reconquest of Latina would certainly not equal a failure of its candidate, Enrico Michetti, in Rome. But Giorgia Meloni is well aware that there are no ballots, a cross of the center-right, in the Politics. At the end of this electoral campaign, also through an instrumental way but not only, the specter of fascism has made its reappearance. She claims her extraneousness to any idea of ​​dictatorship, but rejects abjurations which she believes are required of her only to weaken her. His leadership is aligned to avoid nostalgic slips, aside from being a local with Strangelove syndrome. But will that be enough in Europe?

Silvio Berlusconi – It is not enough for him to be a noble father and after the Politics he could break up

Silvio Berlusconi knows well, better than the others, that when Letta predicted that the center-right is now missing a federator to win, he did it to divide his line-up. But his self-aware vanity was still tickled. Too much annoyance towards Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni
who, strengthened by the extra votes, would pretend to keep him there as a noble father to go to for lunch on Sundays. The same promise to bet on his name as a candidate for the Quirinale seems more like taking time in the first ballots, waiting for you to really start playing. In the second round he risks little or nothing, he did not choose the candidates, but he cannot be satisfied with saying: “I told you so”. And in view or preferably after the political elections, no one can rule out the desire to get rid of it, in some way. Because the goal is always the same: to prevent those he considers descendants of the old PCI from coming to power, without however handing over the keys to his project to those who seem to him wasteful heirs.

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