two dead workers and two injured in a few hours

Black day for accidents at work. Within a few hours, three different accidents in Italy produced the toll of two dead and two injured. The victims are a 47-year-old Italian, who died in a company in Santa Croce sull’Arno, in the province of Pisa, and a 37-year-old from the province of Enna who died in the countryside of Lanciano (Chieti). In Milan, however, two workers were injured after a fall from about 4 meters.

Deaths at work, two victims in a few hours

The first accident occurred in a company in Santa Croce sull’Arno, in the province of Pisa. This morning, around 11, a worker died while he was working. The victim is a 47-year-old Italian, residing in the leather district. The fatal accident occurred in a company that sells building materials and hardware for construction sites in via del Bosco.

The second fatal work accident occurred in Lanciano (Chieti), in the countryside in the locality of Torre Marino. A 37-year-old from the province of Enna, who had descended into the three-meter deep gully where the pipelines of the methane pipeline will pass, was buried by a landslide and died.

4-meter flight: two workers injured in Milan

Two workers were injured when they fell from a height of about 4 meters into the Turbigo thermal power plant, in the province of Milan. The accident occurred shortly after 11.30. One of the two workers, a 49-year-old, suffered a head trauma and injuries to the face and arms, and was taken in serious condition to the Niguarda hospital. The other worker, a 42-year-old, instead reported only trauma to the shoulder and arm and was taken in yellow code to the hospital in Varese. On the spot, reports Areu, two helicopter rescue helicopters, two ambulances, firefighters and carabinieri intervened.


dead workers injured hours

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