They were selling black PS5 shells saying “Sony sues us”, Sony sues them: sale stopped

They were selling black PS5 shells saying “Sony sues us”, Sony sues them: sale stopped
They were selling black PS5 shells saying “Sony sues us”, Sony sues them: sale stopped

Since when PlayStation 5 saw the light, with its decidedly breaking design, a part of the community wondered: but why not black?

The console with its imposing white body, built on the contrasts with the dark central part, in fact, did not conquer everyone’s hearts – and many were consoled only when they learned that the shells are completely removable.

This means, for example, that someone has thought of painting on them, interpreting them as a white canvas on which to indulge themselves, while others have tried to paint them black themselves, with not exactly exciting results.

Others, like Dbrand, they built a business for us: if you want the black body, simply buy it from us.

The company put on sale entirely black and opaque shells, very popular with the community, however without any agreement or authorization from Sony. For this reason, when his products were put on sale he accompanied what sounded like a teasing to the Japanese giant: “They even sue us”.

PlayStation 5 with Dbrand’s black shells

So read the product presentation page and apparently, a few months later, Sony decided to take it literally, since she went through legal channels. Or, at least, for the first steps in the legal process.

In these hours, as reported by The Verge, Dbrand has in fact stopped the sale of its “Darkplates” for PS5. The reason? The company received a letter of cease and desist from Sony: this is a formal letter advising a party deemed to be harmful to its behavior and inviting it to stop. If this does not happen, the letter turns into a real legal process.

Upon receiving this communication, Dbrand has decided to remove the product from sale.

In the letter, it is pointed out, Sony mainly emphasizes how the company’s products recovered the registered and protected design of the PS5 shells without holding any authorization, complete with reproduction of the symbols of the iconic PlayStation buttons.

However, he points out The Verge, Dbrand would have made it known of have agreed to cease the sale “for the moment”, while it is not clear whether for the future he will try to find a way to still be able to sell customized shells, perhaps by altering their design in some way and avoiding reproducing the PlayStation logo.

For those who love to deepen the legal quibbles, there is an entire post appeared on Reddit on behalf of Dbrand, which frankly doesn’t sound like the most professional thing we’ve ever read, considering it also wonders “Like the f ** he did Squid Game to be able to use Circle, Triangle and Square? ” without consequences – given that the reproduction in their PS5 shell is the basis of the letter of cease and desist, although these symbols had been somewhat customized.

The internal detail of the white body of PS5

We will see if and how this will evolve in the coming weeks: for the moment, however, if you want a black PS5, our recommendation is … wait for an official one, considering that the results of home customizations can be disappointing and that Dbrand at the moment has other concerns.

It is also true that at the moment the difficulty lies not in finding a black PS5, but in finding a PS5. But that’s another issue that hopefully could see the situation improve now that Sony is experimenting with its own virtual reservation queue, at least in the US.

While it’s true that you can’t have a black PS5 for the moment, it’s also true that you can have DualSense, and that’s not bad: you can find it in elegant tone-on-tone black on Amazon.

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