Commerce and historic center, Forza Italia attacks Saccardi: “Easy to pontificate”

The words of the municipal councilor Mauro Saccardi make his former party discuss. The criticism of the trade and the historic center of the representative in Palazzo Mercanti of the Mixed Group did not appeal to Forza Italia. «We learn from the press – says the party of the blues led by Gabriele Girometta – a stance, which moves heavy criticisms and absolutely not acceptable to the work of the Giunta Barbieri on issues concerning trade in our city. We would like to clarify that the director Saccardi speaks absolutely in a personal capacity and can not be in any way connected to Forza Italia Piacenza (rightly we speak of a former force), which reiterates for the umpteenth time full support for the work of the Mayor Patrizia Barbieri and his council, in this case in particular the councilor Stefano Cavalli who has the delegation to trade. It is very easy to pontificate opinions in the press, the daily reality of those who have the burden of administering a city is quite different, especially after having experienced an exceptional and unexpected event such as the Covid-19 pandemic ».

«If the councilor Saccardi – continues Forza Italia – believes that he is part of a majority, he must confront and commit himself to reach the common goal of managing the city well, as has been done so far by the current council. The elections are approaching: those looking for a sterile personal visibility do so, but it is neither the way nor the form that distinguishes the “loose dogs” from Forza Italia which has always worked for the good of citizens and good administrators like the mayor Patrizia Barbieri ».


Commerce historic center Forza Italia attacks Saccardi Easy pontificate

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