15-year-old daughter died- Corriere.it

15-year-old daughter died- Corriere.it
15-year-old daughter died- Corriere.it

At nine o’clock in the evening in the driveway between the manicured gardens that line the residence you hear only one thing: silence. Broken exclusively by the voices of those who live here. The few left out despite the first cold, with their hands in their pockets, looking into each other’s shining eyes and wondering why.

San Felice del Benaco, west coast of Lake Garda, in the province of Brescia: to delimit the number 39 of via Boschette are the ribbons of the carabinieri and the truck of the scientific section. Because here, in the apartment with entrance on the ground floor, that in the late afternoon an unimaginable tragedy broke the family serenity. Forever. A father not only lost a teenage daughter, but he inadvertently caused her death by killing her with a shotgun shot in the chest, left – according to investigators – by mistake. Roberto Balzaretti, 57, medical examiner and former municipal councilor with responsibility for social services for the municipalities of Valtenesi, according to the first reconstruction, he was in the house e apparently he was showing his guns to his wife and two children, Viola and Giacomo, when suddenly a shot went off. And the dots hit his daughter Viola, 15, in the chest. Killing her instantly.

The arrival of help was useless. There was nothing more for the girl to do. On the spot also the magistrate on duty, the deputy prosecutor Francesco Carlo Milanesi, who in the late evening proceeded to hear all the people present in the apartment at the time of the tragedy. The victim’s father is very shocked, under shock, investigated for manslaughter, and who has not yet been able to provide his version of the facts to the investigators. The investigators are also working to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the accident and the actual responsibilities of all the people present in the house at that time, also in the light of the investigations on the custody of the weapons he legally held (apparently a dozen rifles and pistols) as a hunter for some time. However, this is a dramatic accident, an accidental event has ascertained who investigates and now proceeds to reconstruct in detail the exact dynamics of the atrocious sequence. Viola attended the Medi Linguistic High School in Sal. But not that he really wanted to study, after all who has it at our age !. A friend, who is cold, jokes about it, moved in the driveway a few meters from the Balzaretti house. There are also other boys, with bowed heads and puffy eyes. A normal, quiet girl, with no crickets in her head. I can’t believe such a tragedy has happened if a neighbor leaves, upset.

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