Selin is pregnant, Serkan is the father!

Selin is pregnant, Serkan is the father!
Selin is pregnant, Serkan is the father!

The advances of Love is in the Air, of the episodes soon to be aired on Canale5, reveal that Selin will discover that she is pregnant.

Great news awaits us in the new episodes from Love is in the Air, soon to air on Channel 5. the Advances on the soap Turkish, in fact, reveal to us that Serkan will recover the memory, following a blow received in a fight. In the meantime, however, Ed he legally married sea, who deceived the young landscaper into believing that the wedding were a staging. If everything wasn’t complicated enough, you have to take into account that Eda will find that Selin is pregnant. The cruel woman will do nothing to make her believe that the child she carries in her womb is of Serkan, so much so that the Yildiz she will refuse to go back together with the man she loves so as not to separate the child from the legitimate father.

Turkish Advances Love is in the Air: Serkan recovers his memory

After the terrible plane crash that compromised his memory, Serkan is back alongside Selin, ready to get married. Thanks to the courage of Ed, however, the Bolat began to have doubts about this relationship and to remember small fragments of the love story with the young landscape architect. Meanwhile, secretly agreeing with Selin, Deniz convinced Eda to celebrate the wedding without revealing to her that the ceremony would be official in the eyes of the Law. While the Yildiz is found married and deceived from the one who believed to be his ally, Serkan gets involved in a fight with Engin. Here, thanks to a blow received, the Bolat finally recovers his memory and remember the whole relationship with Ed!

Deniz cheats on Eda in Love is in the Air Previews

While the Bolat recover memory, sea he decides to listen to the suggestions of his accomplice Selin, leaving the city before the time limit to sign the papers of theannulment of marriage. In this way, Eda will be forced to start the divorce procedure which will take many months and a lot of money. The plan of sea, however, it is discovered and the man is forced to free the Yildiz from the oath made on the altar. Defeat, Selin will announce his decision to leave Istanbul but the departure will be postponed by a disconcerting discovery.

Love is in the Air: Selin è incinta

Melo will receive a call destined for Selin, discovering that the woman is pregnant. Once aware of the news, Eda and Melo assume that the only possible suspect remains Serkan, and the Yildiz he will fall into total despair. Now that she is finally free to love the Bolat and he remembers everything about her, the entrepreneur is about to make his most bitter enemy a mother. Selin will ask Ed not to disclose anything a Serkan and she, orphan of both parents, will not be able to prevent the couple from raising their child together. Unaware of everything, taking advantage of a party at ArtLife, Serkan will ask Eda to marry him.

Eda rejects Serkan in the Turkish Previews of Love is in the Air

Displaced by the Serkan’s marriage proposal, Ed he will instinctively decide not to accept, asking the entrepreneur for some time to reflect. As promised to Selin, in fact, Yildiz won’t reveal anything about the pregnancy and he will have to stall despite the pain he feels. In all this chaos of intrigue and betrayal, the famous will come back to the surface kiss between Selin and Deniz, which could question the paternity of Bolat.

Love is in the Air will

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