Virtus is a rule, Trieste also gives up: 94-79. Party for Mannion

Virtus is a rule, Trieste also gives up: 94-79. Party for Mannion
Virtus is a rule, Trieste also gives up: 94-79. Party for Mannion

Virtus remains undefeated in the league. The fourth victory so far is taken at PalaDozza in front of 2534 spectators, beating Alma Trieste by 94-79. A game at times spectacular with a Vu capable of 57 points in the first half sprayed by Belinelli’s bombs but the turning point came in the second quarter with an excellent defense that held back the ardor of a Trieste too with very hot hands. Mannion made a sparkling debut, 5 points in 5 minutes, and Cordinier, who immediately showed confidence with the basket and teammates.

As usual coach Scariolo has rotated his, without the intensity, especially in attack, waning. So on an evening when Teodosic and Jaiteh were missing, the Vu showed its full potential equally. A distracted start of recovery, however, allowed Trieste, led by Banks, to make up for it. At the beginning of the final stage the Vu could count on 7 points ahead of 73-66.


Two bombs in a row by Alexander at the start gave the draw back to the Vu who signed an 82-66 at 6 ‘from the final siren. Then Belinelli rounded up his scoreboard giving everyone the confidence for the victory. Teodosic crushed 90-74 to say it was over, also giving space for Ceron’s debut. Bomber of the evening was Belinelli with 20 points, followed by a substantial Sampson with 17 points.

Virtus-Trieste 94-79

Virtus: Pajola 2, Belinelli 20, Weems 6, Alibegovic 16, Sampson 17, Alexander 9, Ruzzier 2, Mannion 5, Cordinier 6, Hervey 3, Tessitori 8, Ceron.

Trieste: Sanders 12, Banks 21, Mian 12, Grazulis 5, Konate 10, Fernandez 4, Cavaliero, Campogrande 1, Lever 4, Delia 8, Deangeli 2.

Referees: Attard, Di Francesco, Brindisi.

Notes: free: V 11/15, T 11/16. From two: V 25/44, T 25/51. From three: V 11/28, T 6/18. Rebounds: V 40, T 38.

Partials: 5 ’17-15, 10′ 35-29, 15 ’47-32, 20′ 57-44, 25 ’64-56, 30′ 73-66, 35 ’84-69. Maximum advantage V: +18 (92-74) at 39 ‘. Never at a disadvantage.

Scoreboard: Belinelli 8, Alibegovic 7.5, Sampson 7, Alexander 7, Cordinier 6.5, Mannion 6.5, Ruzzier 6.5, Pajola 6, Weems 6, Tessitori 6, Hervey 6,

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