Suspended from work because without the green pass, he goes in a hurry to get the vaccine

Suspended from work because without the green pass, he goes in a hurry to get the vaccine
Suspended from work because without the green pass, he goes in a hurry to get the vaccine

RIETI – Nationally, the percentage of sickness certificates on the first day of application of the Green pass increased by 22.6 percent. It follows that, in cascade, the incidence on the soil of Rieti is much lower, with the majority of private companies and the public sector that have not revealed great phenomena of abstention from work. However, if trade unions and trade associations continue to repeat that they have received few reports from employers, general practitioners offer some more ideas, who have indeed issued some certificates but, above all, have also vaccinated some diehards.

The behind front. The obligation to have a Green pass has pushed in two directions, that of medical certificates or vaccination as a last resort even for the most diehard. As in the case recounted by the president of the municipal council Giuliano Sanesi, among the general practitioners on duty in the area: “I did not receive requests for medical certificates, but on Friday evening I vaccinated a patient who had been suspended from work seven days ago and who did not he could also access other places – explains Sanesi – I therefore issued him a temporary certification while waiting for him to receive the Green pass, so he can go back to work on Monday ».

Paolo Bigliocchi also testifies to two almost similar episodes: “I have not noticed an increase in certifications for illness, but a slight increase in vaccinations, even on the part of those who in the past had opposed more resistance – says Bigliocchi – The introduction of the obligation of Green pass has certainly had its effect, in a territory that already had excellent percentages in this regard. As a doctor, I conducted a very aggressive vaccination campaign and 90 percent of my patients were already vaccinated: on Friday, however, I issued sickness certificates to two people who surrendered to the obligation and who today (yesterday, ed.) Chose to be vaccinated. “.

Farmacie in tilt. As the unvaccinated range is exhausted more and more, the ball remains increasingly in the hands of pharmacies where, for a few days now, rapid tests at a controlled price continue to register requests at full speed, even with hits of three bookings made in a single moment for the rest of the week, running out of daily waiting lists.

“We have not received requests for certificates, because even those who do not want to get vaccinated have understood that they can go to the pharmacy and carry out the test – confirms the provincial secretary of general practitioners, Renzo Broccoletti – The only ones to be exempted are patients for which we certify the inability to undergo the vaccine due to their health problems: in that case, to work or access other places it is sufficient to show the exemption issued by your doctor “.


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