Milan blocked by the parade with 15 thousand no green passes. Clashes with the police, an injured girl –

Milan blocked by the parade with 15 thousand no green passes. Clashes with the police, an injured girl –
Milan blocked by the parade with 15 thousand no green passes. Clashes with the police, an injured girl –

MILAN – They are more than 15 thousand. The highest number since the beginning of the protest against the green pass. They want to block Milan and once again they succeed with the anarchists who have also arrived from Varese who quickly take the lead in the procession. They try to break through the law enforcement line to protect sensitive targets. On two occasions there are scuffles with police and carabinieri also forced to a lightening charge to prevent demonstrators from arriving in front of the Prefecture and the Chamber of work.

A girl is injured by a truncheon in the head, two anarchists are arrested and nine reported (one had already received a Daspo in one of the previous appointments, which should have prevented him from taking to the streets).

But the 13th consecutive Saturday of protest is yet another day with the armored center, paralyzed traffic and shops that lower their shutters as the procession passes. So far, the arrests, the investigations by the anti-terrorism pool of the magistrate Alberto Nobili, almost 200 complaints from the Digos and dozens of Daspo from the commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi, have not been enough to reduce the tension or participation. On the contrary, violence has increased in recent marches, with the anarchists who are increasingly seeking a confrontation with the police. There was also a parenthesis that had seen the extreme right, especially the former Forza Nuova, leading the parades but it lasted the space of a couple of demonstrations. Now it is the anarchist matrix that joins the already very troubled group of no passes.

On Saturday the most critical points were in via della Moscova and via Borgogna, both streets where the procession arrived without any authorization and dangerously close to a string of sensitive targets: Command of the Carabinieri, headquarters of the Courier service, Prefecture, Palace of Justice and Chamber of Labor. It is no coincidence that it was precisely in these points that the demonstrators from the anarchist area tried to break through by finding the response of the police and carabinieri.

In via Moscova a riot with the agents lined up, some beatings and a destroyed camera. In via Borgogna the policemen have to charge twice to remove the head of the procession. One militant is slightly wounded in the head, two other anarchists, old acquaintances of the Digos, are arrested and taken to the police station.

In reality the procession moves for hours, often without a logical sense, along the streets of the center. It starts at 5 pm, and after about ten kilometers and the complete paralysis of traffic, the event ends in piazzale Loreto, when it is now 10 pm.

The goals change several times: who wants to reach the Rai headquarters of Corso Sempione, who tries to break through to the Region, the Court and the headquarters of the CGIL. In the square the protests of the dockers are praised: “Trieste calls, Milan responds”.

The rest are insults to Prime Minister Draghi, slogans against the police and threats to journalists and photographers who are often sent away with bad news. The initial mediation attempt with one of the no pass representatives lasts a few hundred meters. It starts from Piazza Fontana, but already in Corso Vittorio Emanuele it is the anarchists who take the lead. The numbers of the parade, impressive for a city like Milan, often cold to street demonstrations, protect the most violent souls. They come from Bergamo, Brescia, Varese, Monza

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