Rudy touches private parts, Maria is ashamed, Belen stunned


Moment of amazement and fun in the Canale Cinque shows

Published on October 16, 2021

A You are worth it has landed Kirby Roy, with his team, all experts of jujitsu, Japanese martial art. Roy, 67 years old and of American origin (lives in the state of Louisiana) has shown a display of mastery in self-defense. In fact, jujitsu is a practice that teaches cash. Thus, the man, together with his students, began to show how to get kicks and punches without creasing. The blows reached every part of the body: in the face, in the stomach and even in the intimate area. Maria De Filippi& Co were all speechless. The performance got even more interesting when Teo Mammucari was called into question.

The Roman conductor was called to the stage and also invited to hit the master Roy. Rudy Zerbi, however, willing to dispel any doubts, he asked to be able to check if the man had a shell to protect his private parts. A request that caused chaos and hilarity in the studio. “No, Rudy, not that!”, she hurried to say Mary. “Come on, you have to check that the teacher has nothing, otherwise the doubt remains”, Zerbi replied. “I am ashamed”, the counter-challenge of De Filippi. Meanwhile Kirby, without any problem, has made himself available.

Rudy, with a lot of groping, controlled everything. “Here everything is under control, there is nothing”, the record producer assured. In short, Roy and his students were really unprotected. “He is not ashamed of anything”, he commented Sabrina Ferilli. Teo Mammucari echoed her: “One who does everything I’m messy to touch the pa … and the teacher “. Gerry Scotti’s irony is also ready: “He is a well-known maniac, here in Italy they know him, in America they don’t”.

Space therefore for a further demonstration of self-defense, with Mammucari who kicked Roy’s testicles that did not bend. “Aho, I gave it to him strong. Never happened in my life, I really felt that there were … “, added the Roman conductor.

Kirby later learned that Alessio Sakara is a champion of MMA. Immediate invitation to join him on stage. So too Sakara has struck repeated blows to the jujitsu masters who have always collected without the slightest problem and without even letting go to a grimace of pain.

Belen Rodriguez, evidently appalled by the situation and by what she witnessed, she wanted to get rid of a curiosity: “Doesn’t it affect fertility?”. “I have five children”, Roy’s dry reply. Curtain down!

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